Whittier News

March 1, 2020

Notes from the Administration

It has been an extremely busy January and February. Mr. Migdal and I are looking forward to a slower pace in March. Thank you in advance for always contacting your child's classroom teacher when you have a concern about your child.

Should the teacher not be able to resolve your concerns or feel that the problem requires additional support, they will reach out to our school counselors. Mrs. Reese and Mrs. Leatherman

If these two amazing ladies feel that they can not resolve the issue, they will escalate it to Mr. Migdal. Mr. Migdal will consult with Mrs. Schwiegeath for resolutions.

Mrs. Black, our administrative secretary and Mrs. DiMonte, our attendance secretary will happily take a message for our classroom teachers, school counselors, or administrators.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to the Boost-Athon. We reached our goal of $22,000. Each classroom teacher will be receiving a new laptop to use in their classroom.

Our technology fundraising efforts over the last 7 years have done the following for our students:

  • One Promethean board in each classroom
  • K-2 classrooms have i-Pads for students use
  • 1:1 Chromebook devices for students in Grades 3-5

Without you, this wouldn't be possible. Our staff thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

Attendance Letters

Tomorrow, attendance letters will be sent home. Letters will be sent home for the following reasons:

  • 3 or more absences (letter from school counselor)
  • 5 or more absences (letter from Assistant Principal)
  • 7 or more absences (letter from the Principal)
  • 10 or more absences (letter from the Principal stating that your child will now have to have doctor's notes to excuse any absences)
  • Unlawful absences (Please send in notes, you can write right on the attendance sheet)
  • 5 or late arrivals/early dismissals

Thank you in advance for supporting your child's attendance.

Attendance Goals

It's evident that cold and flu season are here! Our school is evaluated on many factors, one being attendance. We absolutely support sick students staying home. However, we still must monitor attendance. Thank you for your support in getting your child to school. Our attendance rating is as follows:

September 97.21% Excellent

October 96.11% Excellent

November 94.66% Satisfactory

December 94.29% Satisfactory

January 93.19% Satisfactory

February 93.34% Satisfactory

Our overall attendance rating is 94.84%, which is a satisfactory rating. Let's see if we can't get that back to Excellent in March!

Volunteer and Volunteer Training

We will have Volunteer training tomorrow night- Monday March 2, 2020 @ 6pm in the Cafeteria.

There are many ways to volunteer at school:

  • Class Parties
  • Field Trips
  • Volunteer Opportunities in the classroom and around the school

We love our volunteers, and need them to be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Completed volunteer training
  • Able to focus on purpose for being in the building

In order to focus on our students in the building from a liability standpoint, younger siblings who are not enrolled at WHES aren't able to volunteer or chaperone with you. We appreciate your support and understanding in this matter.

When there are evening events, the whole family is welcome!

Arrival and Dismissal

Students may not be dropped off until 8:30.

The front entrance is for buses only.

Beginning tomorrow::

  • Only students whose physical address has them as walkers for Wetherburne Way side of the school will be dismissed as Wetherburne Walkers
  • Only students whose physical address has them as walkers for Independence Walkers will be dismissed as Independence Walkers
  • Thank you in advance in supporting our dismissal procedures.

WHES Spirit Wear

We are excited to offer an online spirit wear shop for you to purchase all your WHES Spirit Gear!


Spirit wear can be ordered throughout the entire school year.

Each month a promotional offer will be posted.

March Special is 15% off Challenge T-Shirts- Coupon Code is MAR20F

April Special is 10% off Colorblock Cosmic Hoodie- Coupon Code is: APR20F

May Special is 10% off all pants- Coupon Code is: MAY20F

June Special is 15% off Ladies Echo Hoodie- Coupon Code is JUN20F

Gift Card and Snack Donations

Thank you to everyone who donated. We are getting ready for our next big raffle. It will be held this Thursday March 5th. If your child is holding onto their HERO Bucks remind them that they can buy raffle tickets on Wednesday during lunch!

As part of our PBIS incentives for students, we are having raffles for students each month. We are looking for $5 gift donations for our students. If you are willing to send in a donation of $5 gift card to WalMart, McDonald's, Chick-Fila, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Burger King- we would be very appreciative.

We have many students who are need of snacks throughout the day. Our teachers are donating to our supplies of snacks for students. If you are willing to donate a box of Cheez-Its, Nutri Grain bars, Granola bars, applesauce pouches- we would be appreciative as well!

Read Across America Day- Spirit Week

This Monday is Read Across America Day. Students will be participating in our Book Swap. Thank you to everyone who donated gently used books.

We will also be having Spirit Week this week.

Monday March 2nd - Hat Day

Tuesday March 3rd Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday March 4th - Wacky Wednesday

Thursday March 5th- Clothes with pockets

Friday March 6th- PJ Day

Can your child name all of the Dr. Seuss books that we are honoring this week with our spirit days?

PreK and Kindergarten Registration

Registration for PreK and Kindergarten will begin on Monday March 16th.

For Kindergarten registration- Please tell your friends and neighbors to register early, this helps when reporting our numbers to ensure that we have appropriate staffing for Kindergarten.

3 year old Inclusive PreK

We will have 3 year old Inclusive PreK at Whittier next year. You must register your child for this class with all of the appropriate paperwork at the time of registration. This is not a first come first serve registration. The 3 year old PreK class will have two sessions that run from 8:30-11:25 on either Monday- Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday. There are 7 slots available in each class. Decisions regarding this class will be made in early August.

4 year old Inclusive PreK

We will have our 4 year old inclusive PreK at Whittier next year. You must register your child for this class with all of the appropriate paperwork at the time of registration. This is not a first come first serve registration. The 4 year old Inclusive PreK will have session that runs Monday through Friday from 1:00--3:30pm. There are 7 slots available for this class. Decisions regarding this class will be made in early August.

4 year old All- Day PreK

Currently our PreK staff is working for accreditation to become an All Day PreK site. If we are accredited, we will offer one session of All Day PreK. Guidelines for who will have priority will be shared at registration.

4 year old Half Day PreK

We will have one session of PreK that is half day.

Decisions regarding placement will not be made until August. Students are prioritized for placement in our PreK in the following order:

  • Automatic (income guidelines must be met)
  • High Priority
  • Priority
  • Others
(When you enroll, read over the enrollment form and it will let you know which category is appropriate for your child)

Student Placement is based on many factors. The largest factor is transportation. Looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2033 and Class of 2034!

PTA News to Know

  • PTA Meeting tomorrow night- Monday March 2, 2020 @ 6:30pm WHES Cafeteria
  • BINGO Night- Friday March 6th @ 6:30pm
  • WHES Play- OZ- April 3rd & 4th 7pm @ MIddletown High School
  • Trivia Night- April 17th @ 6:30pm

It is time to start thinking about officers for next year. If you are interested in serving our school community, please make it to our PTA meeting.

Welcome to the following newest additions to our WHES Family

  • Baby Delawter, who made his entrance a few weeks early. Mr. Delawter, Mama Delawter, and Baby Delawter are doing well. Welcome back Mr. D.
  • Baby Barnes, who made her entrance last Wednesday. Mrs. Barnes (Formerly Ms. Hennessy), Daddy Barnes, and Baby Barnes are doing well!

Health Room Update

Mrs. Webber our health tech has been out due to a death in the family. Her husband passed away unexpectedly. If you would like to send her a card, you may send it into the main office and we will send it to her.

Please keep Ms. Jen in your thoughts during this difficult time.

We appreciate everyone who is filling in for her.

PTA Facebook

Want to keep up to date with PTA events and happenings- join the Whittier PTA Facebook page.

Whittier Elementary School PTA


Monday March 2nd

Spirit Day- Hat Day

Volunteer Training 6pm

PTA Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday March 3rd

Crazy Sock Day

Whittier Music Makers 3:45 pm

Wednesday March 4th

Wacky Wednesday

2 Hour Early Dismissal

Thursday March 5th

Clothes with Pockets

Friday March 6th

PJ Day

Honor's Chorus Rehearsal 3:45 pm

PTA Bingo NIght 6:30pm

Monday March 9th

Beaulieu/Lease & Stansbury to ESSL

MISA Testing 5th Grade

Tuesday March 10th

MISA Testing 5th Grade

Kint & Miller to ESSL

Whittier Music Makers 3:45pm

Wednesday March 11th

MISA Testing 5th Grade

Thursday March 12th

MISA Testing 5th Grade

Friday March 13th

MISA Testing 5th Grade