Theatre Cert March Newsletter

by Donna Dean and Bryan Cortes

Hello to all and Happy belated March!

This month was filled with fun activities including Spring Vacation. Hopefully everyone feels rested after the break. The month began with a UIL workshop where we heard from experienced One Act Play participants. Teachers from San Antonio came and spent some time sharing their advice and stories with theatre certs. Theatre certs also had a fun picnic when we got back from the break, participated in a Special Education workshop, and attended the Summer Camp fair to promote the upcoming Middle School and High School theatre camps. We are looking forward to hosting more events in April!

Some notes on the UIL One Act Play Workshop...

Students from the theatre cert program got to hear from three experienced directors (one high school theatre teacher, one tech director, and one middle school teacher) from San Antonio on their One Act Play process. The three of them shared interesting stories, and answered student's questions.

Some highlights from the workshop:

  • When asked what to do when you have a shoestring budget:
    Teachers talked about finding out your school's list of vendors, and to make sure to make use of them. Teachers also find creative ways to use supplies found at Dollar General, and Wal-Mart (For examples of these everyday supplies turned into props and costumes, we recommend following the UIL One Act Play Directors group on Facebook.)
  • When asked for advice on how to have a smooth One Act Play season:
    The three teachers stressed having an alternate ending to your play. We all know the 40 minute time limit can be daunting for directors, especially when we're new to the contest. Rehearsing an alternate ending, and making sure students are comfortable with this helps lower stress levels on contest days.
  • Be professional, and mindful your first years in competition. Since new directors are still finding their voice, and where they fit into their school district (and within competing districts) it is important to remember to observe and absorb information. "Take the temperature" in the room before asking any questions you may have.

    If anyone has thoughts, or notes to add, leave a comment for us!

Teacher Certification Job Interview Workshop

Monday, April 11th, 5pm

Moon Street

San Marcos, TX

Mark your calendars! Special Job Interview Workshop! Our special guest is Mr. Jerry Crowell, head principal at Angleton High School. He is a current principal, former theatre teacher, and an alum of the BFA Cert program here at Txstate. He will go over tips about interviewing for jobs, give advice to young teachers from an administrator's point of view, and end with a Q/A session. Hope to see all of you there!!
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James and the Giant Peach

A few of our fellow theatre cert students were a part of a lively production of James and the Giant Peach this month. The show went up during spring break at Landa Park in New Braunfels, Texas, and was directed by Beth James. The show was a heavy collaborative effort, with the members of the cast acting as the crew as well, helping set up and strike every night. Although one show was cancelled due to a crazy storm, the other two shows performed well and the audience really enjoyed it. This was the first time a play has been performed in Landa Park, and because it went so well it will not be the last. Congratulations to our theatre certs who were involved for a great show!
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Special Education Workshop

Thank you to Katie Kerbel for organizing, and to special guest Tichelle from the Special Education department at Texas State for facilitating an informative workshop for students. All notes from the workshop have been posted to TRACS for theatre cert students to access.

Book Club!

Monday, April 25th, 5:30pm

Moon Street

San Marcos, TX

Join us for book club at the ending week of April! As usual, there will be a check-out sheet in Vlasta's office for those who want to read the play. You don't have to read the play to participate! Hope to see you all there.