Friday Files

September 12, 2014

Week 3

Sorry for the late arrival of the Friday File - I left my 'device' at work which had all my info on it! We will call it "Monday Musings" instead!

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, Sept. 17th - Karen out for Principal Meeting

Thursday, Sept. 18th - Friday, Sept 19th - Karen out for Beyond Diversity Training

Monday, Sept. 22nd - Faculty Meeting

Thursday, September 25th - Schools Closed for Rosh Hashanah (*Please do not give homework on Wednesday, September 24th!)

PTA Registration

Friday, Sep. 19th, 3pm

Summit Park

This Friday, September 19th, is the last day of the PTA registration contest!! Parents will still have the opportunity to join, it just won't count towards the contest. Please encourage your parents to join by Friday! Also, Tim and I encourage our entire faculty and staff to join. Our PTA is the BEST and joining is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and to be part of the team!

School Cleanliness

We have heard so many positive remarks about how clean and shiny the school looks! We want to acknowledge all the hard work that James, Karen, Prince, and Fred are doing!! To help keep our rooms and hallways safe and looking great, James has shared the following recommendations: