Chernobyl, Trans Siberian Railroad, Aral Sea


Belarus was the hardest hit because the wind blew radiation after the accident, 23% of the country was contaminated including agricultural and forest land. each material has a particular half-life. The fallout also contaminated the fish in the rivers and lakes of Ukraine because the water flows down from the site of the power plant. A RADIOACTIVE cloud about 3,280 feet high and spread over parts of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Radioactive iodine got into the milk of cows that grazed on CONTAMINATED grass.

Trans Siberian Railroad

It is the longest continuous railroad in the world. It's 6,000 miles long and passes through 8 time zones. Russia began to build the Railroad in 1891. the climate and TERRAIN made progress very hard. the cost to make it ranged between 770 million to 1 billion. One challenge is that the GUAGE or width of the tracks.

Aral Sea

In efforts to grow cotton the Aral sea shrunk. The Aral sea is located in central asia. The two rivers that feed it are the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya river. In 1989 the water level was down by 20m with a volume of 210m3 . Large parts of central Asia are ARID or SEMIARID. pollution contributed to problems in the Aral sea. Fertilizer and PESTICIDES are some of the problems with the Aral sea.