Please Stop Laughing at Me

by Jodee Blanco


Jodee Blanco has been bullied most of her life. Her parents always want to help her but Jodee thinks it will just get better along the way the but it won't. She tried switching schools but that did not help. Her best friends were Debbie and Callie. When she went to Callie's party that when all the name calling started. She got hit and punched a lot for no good reason. At the end of her senior year she saw the yearbook and written on her picture was: "We Hate You" with a bad word at the end of it. She hopped in her car and drove away forever.

Character analysis

Jodee Blanco gets bullied all of the time. Some traits about her is that she likes to be alone because then nobody can bully her. She thinks everything will get better. Her friends names were Callie and Debbie. She really needs help.


Jodee was bullied in school. The problem is that she used to be cool and stuff but now she is at the bottom. She doesn't know what she did to be like this. She gets hit and made fun of. She never really resolved this problem but she ran away at the end.


The message you can take from this book is don't bully people. An important place is Morgan Hills Academy, her middle school.