The Unicorn Library Weekly News

February 22, 2016

Gale to Google Drive Pathway

Shout out to Google Apps for Education!! They just made researching even easier!

Gale and Google are partnering to connect the research databases we use with Google Drive. Find a resource in the Gale Databases, highlight & take notes in the article, download it directly to Google Drive. Very simple and powerful for information collection!

I made a video tutorial showing you how to make this magic work for you! Please share with you students as they research!

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New Biographies in The Unicorn Library

App of the Week - Today's Document*

Explore American History one primary source at a time. All documents and photos are part of the US National Archives. What a great app for generating ideas for discussion or writing reflections. Start each class with the document of the day! And learn a little more about our history!

*This app is on the whitelist.

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