Assistant Principal

Responsibilities and Needs Associated with the Job

Possible Assignments

  • Campus discipline
  • Bus discipline
  • Textbooks
  • Section 504 paperwork and meetings
  • Common Assessments
  • Advanced Academics

Campus discipline

In general (You will need a PIEMS codes sheet-should be provided or obtain from PIEMS clerk):

  1. Call student(s) to your office
  2. Conference with student about situation and choices
  3. Depending on severity of issue assign loss of recess, lunch in office, ISS
  4. Call parent
  5. Complete a discipline referral: local referral (No ISS assigned), PIEMS documentation on the referral if ISS is assigned.
  6. Make a copy of the referral with PIEMS codes idd ISS/without if local (YOU must fill this part in).
  7. Give a copy to PIEMS clerk
  8. Keep a copy for your records in a student file folder or in a 3" binder by alpha order.

Needs Associated with Responsibilities

Campus and bus discipline:

  • Skyward access for the campus(es) assigned


  • TipWeb access for the campus(es) assigned

Section 504 paperwork:

  • It would be a good idea to meet with the Special Education Director to get information straight from the source. There is a great deal of paperwork and organization is key.

Common Assessments:

  • DMAC access for the campus(es) assigned