Key Special Effects Makeup Artist

By: Rachel Amaya

Why is this career interesting to you?

This career is interesting to me because it allows the makeup artist to transform a normal person into anything imagineable with the use of makeup.

What are the activities this person performs?

A key special effects makeup artist works with live models or structures to apply wigs, make-up, or prosthetics for theatrical effects.

What trade school/college can I attend to pursue this career?

A few colleges that can help you pursue this career are California Institute of the Arts, Montclair State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Greensboro College.

What is the salary range for this job?

Outside the U.S. a special effects makeup artist can earn up to $51,00 but in the U.S. the highest paid salary is $72,290. Your salary depends on experience as well as how time consuming the project is you're doing.

To whom does this person report?

This person would report to the director.