Week 15 in Review

Gettysburg Address, Lincoln is assassinated, and the TEST!

Week of 12.14 - 12.18

12.14: We read Ch. 16 Section 5 and the kids had the choice of answering 1-4 or just number 5 which was a lot more in depth. This section focused on how the Civil War ended.

12.15: We broke down the Gettysburg Address and determined the significance of the speech. We also looked that the assassination plots on Lincoln, Johnson, and Seward after the war had ended.

12:16: We took the Civil War Test

12:17: Students were give 30 minutes to make corrections to the questions they got wrong on the test from the day before. Students had to state what the correct answer was and where they located the correct answer.

12: 18: Students were give 40 minutes to continue making corrections and then move on to missing work as restricted lunch is the consequence for missing work in January.