ð Country: Poland

ð The Government Type: Democratic Republic

ð Leader and Title: Bronisław Komorowski

ð Limited or unlimited: Limited

ð European Union member: Yes

ð Current gov’t event or concern: Illicit drugs

ð Historical political event: A "shock therapy" program during the early 1990s enabled the country to transform its economy into one of the most robust in Central Europe.

ð Historical monument: Polish Memorial

ð A Person who changed history and how: Hitler because his troops were suppressing everyone including Poland who had just gained their independence.

ð Population: 38,383,809

ð % arable land: 41.1%

ð Agriculture: 12.9%, potatoes, fruits, vegitables, etc…

ð Example of Human Environment Interaction: Recycling, Building, Driving , Etc…

ð GDP: $ 487.7 Billion

ð GDP per capita: $ 20,900

ð Currency: Zloty

ð Exchange rate to US dollars: 1 zloty to .33 us dollars

ð Major economic activities: Farming, Trade, and School enrollment.

ð Famous brands of the country: PZU, Orlen, Era, etc…

ð Language: Polish

ð Religion: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Unspecified

ð Famous landmarks: Wawel Castle, Krakow, Auschwitz

ð Cultural foods: Sernik, Bigos, Mizeria

ð Music / Literature: ­Ryszard Rynkowski is a famous polish singer, and one of the greatest poets are zygmunt karsifski

ð Location (relative location): Central Europe, east of Germany

ð Climate: Cold

ð Topography: north to south is 876 kilometers and east to west 689 kilometers, total area is 312,843 square kilometers.

ð Country: belgium

ð The Government Type: Monarchy

ð Leader and Title: King PHILIPPE

ð Limited or unlimited: Unlimited

ð European Union member: Yes

ð Current gov’t event or concern: Illicit Drugs

ð Historical political event: Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830

ð Historical monument: Brussels

ð A Person who changed history and how: Each of the kings provided change, because they were the form of government for the people.

Population:10 773 486

% arable land: 45.05

Agriculture: 2%

Human Enviornmental interaction: Factories, Industry, Agriculture.

GDP: $ 447.4 billion

GDP per capita: 37,500

Currency: Euro

Euro to dollars: 1.37

Major economic activities are: Industry, and services, and a bit of farming.

Famous brands: Godiva and Nokia.

Language: Dutch, French , German.

Religion: Roman Catholic 75%, other (includes Protestant) 25%

Famous landmarks: atomium, mannekin pis.

Cultural foods: carbonade flamande in flanders or the couque biscuit

Music/Literature: toots thielemans is a famous jazz player in belgium, and a famous poet is emile leon cammaerts.

Location: 50 50 N, 4 00 E

Climate:Like most of its surrounding neighboors it is maritime.

Topography: hilly , rough , land that connects to other land

country: Portugal

Gov type: Republic

Leader: Aníbal Cavaco Silva

Limited Government

European Union member: Yes

Current Gov't even or concern: Illicit Drugs

Historical political event: Portugal lost much of its wealth and status with the destruction of Lisbon in a 1755 earthquake.

Historical Monument: ajuda national palace, batalha monastery , and belem tower.

A person who changed history: a left coup wing of the military because they set up a democratic system.


% arable land: 12.30

Agriculture: 11.7

Example of human environmental interaction: Factories, Farming, Building

GDP: $244.3 billion

GDP per capita: $23,000

Currency: Euro

Exchange rate to us dollars: 1.37

Major Economic activities: Taxing, Factories, Labor.

Famous Brands in the country: edp, galp, and Portugal telecom

Language: Portuguese

Religion: Roman catholic , and other christian religions are the main ones, along with other religions.

Famous landmarks: Pena palace, obidos castle, jeronimos monastery.

Cultural foods: bacalhua, feijoada, Monte.

Music/literature: A famous singer in Portugal is Amalia Rodriguez, and a famous poet is Fernando Pessoa.

Location: 39 30 N, 8 00 W

Climate: Warm Temperate, Mediterranean climate.

Topography: The topography is it is a piece of land surrounded by water linking on to another piece of land.