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December 2, 2019


When you build positive relationships and provide frequent positive feedback, you motivate students to demonstrate their best behavior. Here are four ways to motivate students:

1. Build positive relationships with all students - Students work harder when they like and respect their teachers and administrators, and they feel like their teachers and administrators care about them. Use greetings, nonverbal communication, and conversations as often as possible.

2. Provide positive feedback - Give students a variety of positive feedback on their progress and success in meeting behavioral and academic goals.

3. Provide intermittent celebrations - periodically reward both individual students, groups, and whole classes with celebrations and acknowledgment of their progress and success in both behavior and academic goals.

4. Strive to provide a high ratio of positive interactions - plan to interact at least three times more often with each student when he or she is behaving appropriately than when he or she is misbehaving - 3:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions.

Randy Sprick, 2009

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Do I provide immediate feedback to my staff after observing their classroom instruction? Providing feedback to your staff is a high-achieving school. Teachers you have identified as needing the most improvement will require feedback the soonest=after all, the longer you wait to provide it to them, the likelier you both are to forget aspects of the lesson observed. Be sure to arrange for post-observation conferences with them at the earliest possible juncture. Feedback is what enables teachers to grow and improve. Without your feedback, poor teachers may assume that their instruction is satisfactory, and successful teachers may remain anxious about their performance. Translate your focus on student achievement and improvement of instruction into immediate and meaningful feedback for staff.

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