The Official Weekly of Salford Hills Elementary School

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Field Day, 2019

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School Improvement Survey

Elementary School Improvement Survey

Parents of Students Currently in Grades K-5:

To continuously improve our elementary schools, we need data regarding students’, teachers’ and parents’ perceptions of the school year coming to a close. Accordingly, students will be taking their school improvement surveys in May. We ask all elementary school parents to take the end-of-the-year Elementary School Parent Survey available in electronic format. The information gained from the survey will help our elementary schools set goals to improve the educational experience for the students. Please use the link below to access the survey:

Please complete your survey by Friday, May 31st, 2019.
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Spring Concert Tonight!

Please feel welcome to join us this evening as our 4th and 5th grade students perform at the annual Spring Concert. If the concert this evening is anything like the dress rehearsal, we're on if for a musical treat! Located at the Souderton Area High School, the festivities begin at 7:00 PM. Please consider attending!

Enjoy a few photos from yesterday's dress rehearsal.

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PSSA Testing Has Ended!

Thanks to all for encouraging our Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade students through the last few weeks. We appreciate our well wishes and kindness.
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Our staffed was showered with kindness as the Home and School Association celebrated Staff Appreciation Week. Chalk messages, goodies in the Faculty Room, and posters; all well wishes that inspire and encourage. Thank you, H & S.
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Yearbook Sales Deadline Extended

We've extended the yearbook sale until this Friday, May 10th. Place your order by noon on Friday to get free shipping. After that, the books will be for sale but you must pay for shipping. For questions, please contact Thanks!

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Lip Sync Video Now Online!

Enjoy the 2019 Lip Sync Video through SATV.

Did you Know?

Salford Hills Home and School sponsor's a school Facebook page full of helpful information and events. While the official Lip Sync video isn't available, you can find a link to the All-Staff video, "Try Everything". Enjoy!

Here's the Link:

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Open House is less than a week away. Our students are excited to share with you. Here are a few details that are important to the evening:

Salford Hills Open House: A Walk in Their Shoes

Tuesday, May 14 -- 5:30 PM through 7:00 PM

Parking – Church Parking (Bus Shuttle available 5:15-7:15), Playground Lot, Street Parking

Things to See and Do

· Classroom Sharing

· Book Fair (Gym)

· Artwork Through the Building and Art Room

· *Appreciation Alley

· Volunteer Appreciation Station

· Lost and Found (Cafeteria)

· Plant Sale (Cafeteria)

· Staff Lip Sync Video (Cafeteria)

*Over the past few years, our staff has appreciated the kind notes and words of inspiration many parents and children have shared through Appreciation Alley located in the gym hallway. We invite you to participate again this year should there be a specific staff member (or more!) you’d like to thank.

As we celebrate as a Salford Hills family, we hope to see you at this year’s Open House.
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Here Comes the Book Fair!

The book fair is coming to Salford Hills on Tuesday May 14th! It will be held in the gym. Each classroom will have a chance to visit the book fair that day. They will also have the opportunity to purchase books at that time. Parents are welcome to come in and shop with their child’s class. The book fair will also be open during Open House which takes place that evening from 5:30pm-7:00pm. We are still looking for volunteers to help out with all aspects of the book fair. If you would like to help out, please click here. You may also visit this website to view the time your child’s class will be shopping that day. If you would like to visit our online book fair or set up an e-wallet for your child (a digital payment option for the book fair) please click here. Thank you!

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Congratulations to Our First In Math Winners This Week

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Parents of Fifth Grade Students Only

Our 2019 Outdoor School Program is looking for 5th Grade parent volunteers to assist in food handling and cleanup. If interested, please click on the link below to read more about what's involved and sign-up. Deadline is either when spots are filled or May 3rd.

Here's the link:

Thanks for your consideration!

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Fourth Graders Experiment with Coil Pot Construction

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And Now a Word From Our Superintendent, Dr. Frank Gallagher

Superintendent's Corner: Spring 2019

Dear SASD Parent/Guardian,

It has been an exciting spring for the school district, and our high school seniors are counting down the days until graduation. This week we held the Souderton Area High School greenhouse dedication and, if you haven’t seen it yet, you must take a drive through the high school and view this amazing structure “growing” next to our high school. The theme of the dedication was “Growth Happens Here,” which truly captures the spirit of the project. Thank you to the efforts of the Indian Valley Education Foundation which funded this endeavor using resources from the Cindy Kilmer Fund.

Evidence of growth is not in short supply as our students and school community continue to develop in new and innovative ways. As I visit classrooms and listen to young readers who may have struggled early in the school year now read aloud with confidence and vigor, I think about their progress and what is next for them. I listen to our student musicians perform at spring concerts and view the incredible student artwork this time of year, and I am inspired by the exceptional talent and growth. I have enjoyed standing on the sidelines cheering on our student-athletes, and it is with great pride that I share the news that 42 of these student-athletes will continue their athletic careers at the college level.

During this spring season, the work of the Administration and School Board continues to move forward.

• Our legislative efforts remain robust as we continue to advocate for public education. We are collaborating with the stakeholders of the Souderton Charter School Collaborative to advocate for reinstating state financial support to help pay for Charter School tuition. On April 29th, School Board President Ken Keith, School Board Vice President Donna Scheuren, and I spent the day at the State Capitol advocating for our schools. We will continue to update you on our efforts with our legislators.

Safe Schools continues to be the number one priority of our Administration and School Board. I am pleased to report that our school district is the recipient of another safe schools grant. It is our intention to utilize these funds for the creation of an additional school police officer position. We will also be adding another security guard to the staff for the 2019-2020 school year.

• Our Administration and School Board are working through the demanding budget season and have already approved a proposed budget which reflects the School Board’s prioritization of minimal tax increases for our community members. The School Board and I share the goal of reducing the tax increase below the state’s Act 1 Index of 2.3% as we prepare the final budget for adoption in June. Challenges remain, but I am pleased to report that we will be restoring 9th grade basketball teams for both boys and girls to our athletic department, replacing student technology devices, and implementing a new middle school schedule.

As I reflect on the growth of this school year, I find it fitting that spring is in full bloom when we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. I want to commend our dedicated and passionate teachers who nurture and guide our students on their pathways each and every day. I am proud of the ongoing collaboration within our school community that creates innovative learning opportunities to help our students grow. Thank you for your support.


Frank T. Gallagher, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
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Big Red Picnic Summer Food Program

The Souderton Area School District, in partnership several community organizations, is pleased to announce a Summer Food Program for students who qualify, or are currently enrolled in, the Free and Reduced Meal Program. "The Big Red Picnic" will be open to eligible students three days a week for 10 weeks beginning June 17, 2019.

We know this program will be a valuable resource for so many of our students!

In order for the program to be successful, the "The Big Red Picnic" Coalition (see partners listed below) would greatly benefit from your help and participation.

• Should you have any interest in serving as a volunteer for this program, please visit the following link: Big Red Picnic Volunteer Form

• If you are interested in being a donor, or know someone who would, please see the Big Red Picnic Donor Form (PDF).

• Parents and guardians of all eligible students will be notified in early May. Our school counselors will be collecting the forms being returned by families who wish to participate.

The Big Red Picnic Coalition consists of representatives from the following organizations:

- Souderton Area Community Education
- Indian Valley Education Foundation
- SASD Food Services
- "The Bean Bag Program" Zion Mennonite Church
- Keystone Opportunity Center Food Pantry
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We've been talking a lot about being kind at our school. About if we put kindness at the very center of all that we do and say we'll create a school we want to come to every day. It's not magic, and we're in charge...everyone is.
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PSSA Math Testing, Grades 3, 4, 5
Just Say No Club Grade 5 3:30 PM -4:30 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium


Girls on the Run 3:30 PM -5:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium


Grade 1 Field Trip 9:00 AM -2:30 PM
Room 42 Empathy in Action Field Trip 12:45 PM -3:00 PM


Fire Drill (weather permitting) 2:20 PM
STARS Club Activity KOC Goody Bags 3:25 PM -4:00 PM
Handchime Ensemble 3:30 PM -4:30 PM Music Room


PSSA Science Testing, Grade 4
North Penn Community Reading Day for Grade 2 9:00 AM
Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal 2:00 PM -3:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium
Girls on the Run 3:30 PM -5:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium
Home and School Meeting 7:00 PM - Rescheduled for 04/30/2019


PSSA Science Testing, Grade 4
Room 53 Empathy in Action Field Trip 9:45 AM -11:45 PM
Spring Concert 7:00 PM Souderton Area High School Auditorium Also Band, Orchestra, and Choir classrooms


Room 43 Empathy in Action Field Trip 12:45 PM -3:00 PM
Girls on the Run 3:30 PM -5:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium


Field Day


First Grade Field Trip Empathy In Action 9:00 AM -11:15 AM -Rescheduled for 05/20/2019
Room 51 Empathy in Action Field Trip 9:45 AM -11:45 PM
Home and School Book Fair Set-Up 3:15 PM -10:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium


Home and School Book Fair Auditorium/Gymnasium
Girls on the Run 3:30 PM -5:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium
Open House 5:30 PM -7:00 PM


Sundae Bar
Room 52 Empathy in Action Field Trip 9:45 AM -11:45 PM
Girls on the Run 3:30 PM -5:00 PM Auditorium/Gymnasium


School Spirit Day
School Meeting 1:00 PM


First Grade Field Trip Empathy In Action 9:00 AM -11:15 AM
Room 54 Empathy in Action Field Trip 9:45 AM -11:45 PM
Kindergarten Preview 6:00 PM -7:00 PM


Election Day - Teacher In Service - No School for Students


Instrument Demo/Sign-ups Grades 3 and 4 9:00 AM -9:45 AM Cafeteria


Rain Date for Field Day


Extended Day Kindergarten Ends


Memorial Day Holiday - Schools and Offices Closed


Assembly for Grades K-2 9:15 AM Auditorium/Gymnasium
Franklin Institute; Motion and Machines
Assembly for Grades 3-5 10:15 AM Auditorium/Gymnasium
Franklin Institute; Motion and Machines
Room 33 Empathy in Action Field Trip 12:15 PM -2:15 PM


Grade 5 Outdoor School
Room 32 Empathy in Action Field Trip 12:15 PM -2:15 PM


Grade 5 Outdoor School
Grade 3 Field Trip 9:15 AM -1:45 PM


Grade 5 Outdoor School
Grade 4 Wax Museum 9:15 AM -10:00 AM Cafeteria

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Salford Hills School Year at a Glance! Print out or download it now to always have SH activities close by.

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Salford Hills Elementary School

Fundamentally committed to each other, we at Salford Hills are a caring community of learners who value each individual’s intrinsic worth and potential.

In our supportive environment, learners are encouraged to achieve high standards by developing responsibility for their learning through authentic experiences that require hard work, critical thinking and reflection.

Learning is a process that positively impacts the future.

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