What is Your Daily Academic Vocab?

By: Anjali Balaganesh

What Are Your Vocabulary Words and What Do They Mean?

  • Alliteration- The practice of beginning several consecutive or neighboring words with the same sound. Generally are found to be tongue twisters.
  • Allusion- A reference to a mythological, literary, or historical person, place, or thing.
  • Assonance- The repetition of accented vowels in a series or words.
  • Consonance- The repetition of a consonant sound within a series of words to produce a harmonious effect.
  • Details- The facts revealed by the author or speaker that support the attitude or tone in a piece of poetry or prose.
  • Figures of Speech- Words or phrases that describe one thing in terms of something else; Generally used in poetry and is not to be taken literally.
  • Diction- Word choice intended to convey a certain effect.
  • Flashback- A scene that interrupts the action of a work to show a previous event.
  • Hyperbole- A deliberate, extravagant, outrageous exaggeration
  • Foreshadowing- The use of hints or clues in a narrative to suggest future action.

What are Some Examples for Your Daily Academic Words from the Novels, The Westing Game and Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief?

  1. Alliteration- "'Ow!' Turtle screamed before the probe touched tooth."
  2. Figures of Speech (Metaphor/Personification)- "'That's enough of your smart mouth!"
  3. Assonance- "Good Hood From Spacious Grace King Queen Purple Waves On (No) Grains Mountain (Empty)"
  4. Foreshadowing- "'Get away!' Angela cried." (You can infer that something bad is going to happen.)
  5. Hyperbole- "My knees were jelly." (Your knees cannot be jelly.)
  6. Flashback- "During third grade, a man in a black trench coat had stalked me on the playground."
  7. Details- " We passed through the golden hills and over the Mississippi River into St. Louis." (The sentence shows, illustrates, and describes what they passed through, clearly and well.)
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