4HA Weekly News

15th November 2013

Dear parents,

Although the temperature has dropped, and some of us are catching colds, we have still managed to have a productive week in 4HA. I have been impressed by the enthusiasm that the children have for writing newspaper reports, and how eager they are to be part of a team for this purpose.

We heard from all of the children that wanted to represent 4HA in the student council this week, and voted based on the speeches we heard. Zander was chosen as our representative, with Lizzy as our alternate. Well done all of the children who gave speeches, they were all very good. It was difficult for voters to decide, and the results were extremely close!

Our Studies

Language Arts

This week, the children had two team meetings with their small newspaper teams to discuss the focus of their newspaper stories. Our five newspaper teams are: Local, National, International, Sport and Entertainment. We collaborated on a Google doc to get our initial ideas recorded, and then team leaders discussed these ideas in more detail with their teams. Next week, we will research, draft and edit our news reports. By the end of the week, we will have a great foundation for our newspaper, and children can then plan and research their own reports. Guided reading ran smoothly this week, and we also began to use the Raz Kids website to access a wider range of appropriately leveled texts.


We worked through some 'real-world' multiplication and division problems this week. We began by going through the strategies to solve a problem together, and then children worked in pairs to solve another worded problem. After this, children had the opportunity to try some more independent practice, to consolidate their understanding. These problems were tough, and we are still working on making sure that all children feel confident with the strategies we discussed.

Next week, we will complete our multiplication and division unit, and the children will take their end of unit assessment, to make sure that they can recall and apply what we have covered over the past few weeks.


As we will be performing in the 4th grade chapel on Thursday, some class time will be taken up with rehearsals. I am happy to see that everyone has learned their lines, and now we just need to make sure that everyone knows where to stand on stage and how to bring their characters to life. The Magic School Bus kids will film their scene with Ms. Carpenter before Thursday. We are really excited about our chapel performance, and really hope you can all make it!

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Prince George Award

Alex won our Prince George Award this week! She has been working hard for many weeks and finally made it! Well done Alex!

Last week, our winner was Andrew Hah. He had a nice weekend with Prince George and brought in a picture of them reading together. Well done Andrew!