REMEMBER these study tips

How to study effectively through memorization

Simple and Basic Techniques to Improve Memory


Many students believe that listening to music or watching the TV while studying does not affect them. It's almost impossible to truly multitask, unless it it an action while performing a subconscious action. The flickering light from the TV and the ambient noises of music distract the brain from its task at hand.

Making Songs or Tunes

It may be easier to learn a long string of information though a song. This is how children learn the alphabet! I used a song for my Chemistry test of all the elements.
The NEW Periodic Table Song (Updated)

Coherent Narrative

This basically means create a story to help you remember things. It could be a story for vocab or remembering a grocery list. This is an example of "collaborative rehearsal" which is connecting memories and encoding them into stories.

Drill and Practice

This is all about repetition. Flash cards are perfect for this technique. Seeing a word with it's correct definition will instill it in your brain. Quizlet is a great website, this upgraded version of flashcards also turns vocab into games and tests to improve memorization.

Simple things to keep your memory happy

  • Don't skip daily exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep every night, 8-10 hours nightly is best.
  • Make time for leisure activities and friends.
  • Stay positive, no stress!

Created by Sarah Lewis