Types of Water Projects


New well for a village

Getting clean water for a needy village is one of the best ways to help. Right now people are dying from no water but you can help by donating some money to buy a well or start a campaign to buy a well

description: A well is a pump that distributes water.

Well repairs

If a village has a well but is not working, then that's a problem . But people volunteer to fix the well. To fix a well is cost efficient project and its less work too.

Description: When a well is not pumping water. Then someone comes and fixes it to pump water.

Small dams ( Weirs )

Small dams are good in tropical storms that happen twice a year but the bad thing is the water stays for only a few days or hrs.

Description: A small dam made out of sand and brick.

Rainwater catchment

This is bad and good so the good is its holds 100,000 liters of water and its filtered clean water. The bad is it does not rain a lot and most of the water does not get in the down spouts and when it does go down, the spout is clogged up.

Description: A big silo that holds water

The Water Project - What We Do

The Water Project - What We Do