Cultural Geography

by Ashley Leblanc

Groups that were involved

Groups that were involved are;

Army and wealthy


Guatemalan Government



The group that had the most MSU's was the Army & wealthy, and the Peasants had the most voting power.

How balance was shifted

The balance of power shifted because we combined with Guerillas because they agreed to our treaty.

Cooperation and conflict

Cooperation and conflict was shown in the game by corruption between the Guerillas and Army/Wealthy, because they were debating war. Also, The army/wealthy would silence us.

Role the U.S had on the simulation

The U.S had to observe what was going on, and checked if everything was going as they wanted. Another role they had was to make sure it was a stable and safe election.

If power of a country shifts;

If power of a country shifts, it can be either positive or negative, based on what you wanted.

how it relates to my life

Cooperation occurs in my life a lot. When I need to go to school, my mom drops me off. (which is every day).

Conflict happens a lot more though. When I lose my headphones, I take my brothers. He comes home and he catches me using them, and we start to fight.