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February 14th, 2020

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Happy Valentine's Day from Patrick Henry!

As we celebrated Valentine's Day throughout the building, I was reminded yet again of the love that I see every day at Patrick Henry. Our students care for one another in a beautiful way. Pictured below are two of our preschool students taking the attendance upstairs. Our building is quite large, so they always go two at a time to ensure they make it safely there and back. It's the smallest gesture, but seeing kids keeping an eye out for each other just melts my heart. Take a look at some of our other gestures of kindness and love over the past week in celebration of Saint Valentine.
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Free printable resources to celebrate Valentine's Day

Use the link below to download coloring pages for your child to enjoy Valentine's Day all weekend!

Seen around the building...

Highlight on Field Trips

Last week and this week, our preschool students and our kindergarten students were able to go on several field trips. Thanks to our district, each grade level gets to visit an amazing St. Louis hotspot each year! This time around, our students got to experience the excitement of The Magic House. Students learned about different careers, played games, and explored all of the fun that the staff had to offer. Take a glance at some of their experiences below!

Beyond Black History Month

Teaching and Learning Resources

PBS has released a series of blog posts around the topic of Black History Month, including how to expand beyond just the month of February for celebrating black history and the black experience.

Take a look at the following blog from PBS that calls to attention how black history is taught in the US and across the western world:

In order to expand our perspective on black history and those who have come before us, check out this list of black scientists who can inspire our students to their own incredible scientific achievements:

This blog encourages all educators to take black history beyond the month of February and keep it at the forefront of our perspectives through all of our teaching:

Try a lesson at home with your child!

The website below has an entire lesson on Zora Neale Hurston, a black female writer and filmmaker who is most famous for the book Their Eyes Were Watching God. Her work highlighted the racial injustices of American culture. This lesson comes from PBS Kids and could work for elementary-aged students. Explore and enjoy!