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What are burns?

Burns are injuries caused by contact with heat, electricity, or chemicals.

Different Levels of Burns

  • First-degree
  • Second-degree
  • Third-degree
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Different Types of Burns

  • Chemical Burns
  • Electrical Burns
  • Heat Burn

Signs of a Burn

First Degree

Burned skin is red, and swollen. It turns white if you press it.

Second Degree

Burned skin is red, swollen, and blistered.

Third Degree

Burned skin may be white or charred black, or brown.

First Aid Procedures

First Degree Burn

  • Soak in cool water if skin is NOT broken
  • Do NOT use ice water
  • After 5 min cover with a dry gauze bandage
  • Over the counter pain medicine will reduce pain & swelling

Second Degree Burn

  • Soak in cool water for 15 min or apply cool compresses
  • Do NOT apply ice, grease, or shortening
  • Do NOT break blisters
  • Apply lotion with aloe vera if possible
  • Cover burn lightly with gauze bandage
  • Take over the counter medicine for pain
  • Elevate burned area and treat for shock if necessary

Third Degree Burn

  • Contact emergency services immediately
  • Make sure person is removed from source of heat, but do NOT remove burnt clothing
  • Check to make sure person is breathing (if needed give rescue breathing and CPR)
  • Cover burn with moist bandage or cloth

First AId for Chemical and Electrical Burns

In case of a chemical burn...

  1. Call emergency services, unless burn is minor
  2. Remove cause of burn
  3. Flush affected skin for 20 min. If chemical is powder try brushing it off before flushing skin, Be careful NOT to touch it.
  4. Have person take off any clothing or jewelry with chemical on it
  5. Wrap burned are with sterile bandage. Repeat flushing if victim says pain is worse after the washing.
  6. If chemical splashed in eye, rinse eye for 20 min. Then cover eye with loose moist cloth and seek medical attention immediately
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In case of an electrical burn...

  1. Call emergency services
  2. DON'T touch the person immediately. Make sure the source of electricity is turned OFF first. If you can not turn it off use a piece of wood or plastic to move the source away from you and the victim
  3. Check the person's breathing. Give rescue breathing or CPR if needed.
  4. Cover burn with dry gauze bandage
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