Tech Tips Tuesday

Google Doc Hints

Paint Format Button

So this button lets you use formatting, like bold and color text and apply it to more than one area.

To do:

Highlight and Format the area you want, then while it is still highlighted click the roller and then highlight other things you want to look that way.

If you already have it formatted, just highlight the type of format you want copied, click the roller, and highlight other areas you want to match.

Grading Typed Papers

While grading papers turn the edit feature into suggest feature. You can then change the document, but when the students see if they will have to go through the whole document and approve your changes.


Google has already taken care of a lot of the extras just go to the insert button. You can add headers, footers, equations, tables, page numbers, and horizontal lines. They are hidden a little more on Word.

However things that are not offered on word on the Google Add-Ons. You can find these under the Add-on, and then click on get Add-on. Below I showcased 3 that I think might be useful to everyone.

Google Doc Add-Ons