Grace Star

August 31, 2015


  • Bike A Thon- September 9 Please remind your parents the fundraising envelopes are due on or before the day of the event. Turn these into the front desk. Review the recess schedule Laura has made and make the needed adjustments for that day.

  • AESOP- Please remember to submit your absence in a timely manner. TImeClock and AESOP are now syncing. When an absence isn't submitted on AESOP it will not appear in TImeClock and you will be docked this time. Please be diligent about putting your absence in ASAP.

  • VOLUNTEERS- Remember to let families know they must fill out the Volunteer application before attending a field trip, party, etc. I have sent out a Volunteer handout to all teachers. Please make sure to pass these out to all families and remind them of the importance of having this completed before events.

  • Twitter- We are on Twitter! Please log in and start tweeting all the great things that are happening in your classrooms!
Login Information: Password: grace1516

Make sure to use the hashtags #LearningThroughPlay #SchoolFamily #GraceStars #Proud2BPirates

  • Growth Plans- Teachers- Growth Plans are due September 11. Please go ahead and begin submitting these and I will begin reading through and approving them. Please look for an invite from me to discuss your completed Growth Plans and determine your baseline score. We will complete your Growth Plan on 7.1 together after we have collected data on the Common Assessment. This one will be turned in at a later date.

  • Kim Knipp- Please see Kim if you have a concern about a student or family. She is happy to talk with you about this and determine if they might be someone she would potentially see. If you need an intake packet, please stop by her office to grab one.

  • Library- Remember, you can "shop" the library collection on Destiny. Below is the link to Destiny, the online card catalog

To see complete search results, you must be logged in. Your username is your room number, (ex-Room 1) and your password is your room number, (ex-Room 1)

  • Grandparent's Day- We have set the date for the week of September 14-18. Once you have finalized your plans, please copy the office so that we can be prepared for sign in purposes.

  • LOVE FUND- Joanie is collecting a donation of $10 for our building LOVE FUND. These funds help to pay for flowers, cards, etc. when our Grace family is in a time of need.


Thank you to Laura Linn for organizing the Bike A Thon. She has been working hard to make this a wonderful event for our little ones! We APPRECIATE you, Laura!!

Valet went beautifully the first week of school! Hats off to everyone who assisted and donated time to make this a safe process for our students and families.

Thanks to Megan B. for organizing a refrigerator full of soda to help provide us with that extra kick we made need every now and again! Remember, it's the honor system, so if you take a soda-give to the soda fund.

Connie French would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Joanie for helping her out with labels when it was crunch time!


  • September 4- Staff Meeting/Professional Development

8:30 Staff Meeting-Please arrive promptly

9:00-11:00 PD Conscious Discipline

11:00-12:00- Lunch

12:00-3:30 PD- Bobby Norfolk-The Power of Storytelling

  • September 15 - Parent Advisory 4-5pm / Parent Workshop 5-6:30pm

  • September 16- Fire Drill 1:00pm

  • September 22- Culver's Night

  • September 22- Tornado Drill 9:30 am
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Happy Birthday

  • August 31- Lana Lincoln

  • September 1- Cathy Johnson

  • September 10- Joan Bishop

  • September 16- Arleen Martinez

  • September 17- Christa McLaughlin

  • September 18- Lori Glen, Kasey Westermajer