Wisnoski's World

Week of September 16th

Tutoring This Week

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Morning 7:30 am - 7:50 am

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch

Monday and Tuesday Afternoon 3:20 - 4:00pm

Vote for Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High School - This is the Last Week to Vote!

Target donates 5 million dollars each year to schools across the US. All you have to do is vote at givewith.target.com and Target donates a dollar for each vote to our school. To be able to vote, you must have a Facebook account. Please vote if you can. We are currently at $130. Click on the link below to vote.

Progress Reports

We just ended the first three weeks. Progress reports will be handed out to students on Thursday. If your child is involved in extracurricular activities like band, cheerleading, athletics and FFA, your child must be passing all classes at the 6-weeks period to stay eligible to participate. If your child's grades are not above a 70 at this point, please encourage them to attend tutoring, turn in assignments, study, etc. We are here to help your child be SUCCESSFUL!!

Algebra I

Concepts for this week:

Domain & Range, Functions, Discrete & Continuous Data, Increments, Function Notation, and Specific Functions

Retesting - Students making below a 90 on a test can retest but must attend a minimum of one tutoring session on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Students may retest this week on Thursday or Friday at lunch or the following Monday. Students will be required to fill out a retest request form letting me know when he/she will come in for tutoring and what day he/she will retest.

Homework - Your child will have homework this week and will be due on Thursday. If turned in on Friday, there will be a 10 point deduction. No homework will be accepted after Friday unless the student was absent.

Your child should have a spiral and a three-ring binder for my class and bring it each day to class.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Function Notation Practice

Domain and Range Videos and Practice

8th Grade Algebra I Students

Students currently in 8th grade and taking Algebra 1 will be required to take the 8th grade Math STAAR Test (in April) and the Algebra I End-of-Course Exam (in May) this year.

Math Models

2nd Period Students - If your child has not turned in his/her Connect the Dot project, Monday is the last day I will accept it. It is a major grade.

We have started a new project this week and your child will design a Water Park and then we will find slope, midpoint and distance between the different attractions.

Rebecca Wisnoski

Math Teacher

Anderson-Shiro Jr/Sr High