Improving Race Relations

Slavery in America

How did slavery begin?

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was a trade from Africa, Europe, and the Colonies. The Colonies wanted slaves from Africa and Europe wanted weapons and supplies. Africans were merely items to be sold. The slaves were taken into slave ships. Slave ships are ships meant to hold slaves for trading.

How were slaves treated in America?

Slaves in America were treated poorly. The day of a slave is brutal. The slaves had to wake up early everyday and do their duties. These duties were mostly farming and harvesting. The slaves had to work non-stop until the sun goes down. They would come to their beds, which were just planks of wood and a rag, and sleep for about 5 hours a day. If any slaves misbehaved they would be punished by getting whipped. None of the slaves were allowed to go to school. they were allowed to marry and have children but that can be decided from the slave master.

How did slavery end in America?

it took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In 1776, the American revolutionary War begins. During the American Revolution, many African Americans fought for the British after being promised freedom. In 1783, Massachusetts abolished slavery. In 1833, The American Anti-Slavery Society is established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The last one was in 1850, Slave trade is forbidden in the District of Columbia.

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Improving Race Relations

There are racial tensions in America today. In schools, kids were given a test. It showed the same character but they each have a different skin color. The instructors said that which of them was the smart one. Most of the white kids chose the light skin tone. Most of the black kids chose the darker skin tone. Then the instructors asked to choose which one was the dumb one. Most of the white kids chose the darker skin tone. Most of the black kids chose the lighter skin tones.

The legacy of slavery has contributed to these racial tensions. Slavery has been around for 200-300 years. One of our biggest wars was the Civil War, which involved the North and South fighting for the slaves rights. The North won the war and slavery was free, but black people were still thought less of a white person. it was not until 60-70 years ago that this idea was still thought of.

The one idea to improve race relations in America is to include race relations in the curriculum taught K-12. If we can do this, racial thoughts would not be thought of. Children learn more at a young age and if they are taught that they are the same then they will go out with that idea. Then time will go on and there would be no racial people and sayings in the future.

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Time to Learn!

Friday, April 24th, 9pm

Mentor, OH, United States

Mentor, OH

Now all grade schools will add race relations to their side subjects.

Jamal Nabulsi

I am a guy who wants to improve race relations for our country. I feel that there is no difference between races. I just want others to believe that.