Cabell Chargers

Week of October 12- October 16 Vol.1 Edition 11

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Principal's Note

Hello Cabell Staff,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I also hope that you had the chance to make it out to the Fair. Did you know that 14,000 people went to the Fair on opening day in 1886? Share a fun fact about the State Fair with your students and post it on twitter @Cabellpl.

Thank you teachers for the excellent work you completed on our two 1/2 days of data analysis. It is empowering to know exactly what our students' needs are and have a plan in place to continue providing personalized interventions to help students achieve their goals.

There's no PD on Monday. Join and help me welcome Ms. Patricia Arvanitis for the Principal for a Day program (#PFAD2015) on Tuesday 13th. Ms. Arvanitis is the Executive Director of Leadership ISD and chose Cabell as the school that she wants to visit on that day.

Avance Bookclub had its first session on Wednesday. We expect more parents and families to attend. Encourage your parents to come out and learn how to make reading fun and enjoyable at home. Avance is every Wednesday at 8:30 - 10:00.

Similarly, backed by popular demand, we have organized a boys' soccer club. The boys have been training all week and will enter the DISD and City of Dallas League competition starting Tuesday. Our first game will be against Burnet on Tuesday 13th at Elm Fork. We are literally building the plane as we fly it. Other staff members have expressed interest in starting up other clubs to continue engaging our students in a meaningful after-school team activity. If you have an exciting idea for a club, let me know. The extracurricular will help build student culture, school pride and increase parent participation. With that said, I want to thank Mr. Sergio Gonzalez, a parent, for stepping up and coaching the soccer boys team, and to Mr. Henderson for holding, preparing and coaching the boys as well. Great Job!

Parent conferences take place on Thursday 15th from 4 - 8pm. Parent-teacher conferences offer great opportunities to deepen your working relationship with parents. As you highlight their child's strengths, discuss academic or social concerns, and share information about child development, parents come to see you as an ally and themselves as true partners in their child's education. A little thinking and planning will help you make the most of these great opportunities.

Tips for Success

1. Make an outline and gather materials. A plan for how you'll divide up the time will help you stay on track. However, you may need to put your plan aside if a parent raises an urgent issue that you weren't expecting. Remember that you can always schedule another conference!

2. Offer conversation starters. Put parents (and yourself) at ease with a question or two: "What did Sam like about school last year?," "What does Tina like to do at home?," or "What are some things you'd like her to accomplish this year?"

3. Invite parents to share their thoughts. As experts on their children, parents can share valuable insights. And they'll appreciate your respectful recognition of their role in helping their children.

4. Highlight the positives. Recognize a child's strengths before discussing her struggles. You'll give parents some perspective while encouraging them to work productively with you.

5. Address just one or two concerns. Listing too many problems can make parents (and their children) feel defeated. Mention that you'd like to help the student with several things, but for now you'd like to concentrate on just one or two.

6. Let parents know if you need thinking time. It's perfectly OK to tell parents you want to think through what they've said, observe their children for a bit, consult others, or read up on an issue they've raised.

Plans are well on their way for the dedication of the playground and the PTA general meeting on October 20th. We are excited about sharing this event with our students, parents and the community. Save the date.

Action Required

  • Complete Bond Compliance video by end of day, Monday 12th
  • Upload data analysis forms to google drive, due Tuesday 13th
  • Upload lesson plans to the drive, due Thursday 15th
  • Parent Conferences, Thursday 15th @ 4-8
  • TELPAS Texas Training Center, due Oct. 16th
  • Compliance Videos, October 30th

Upcoming Events

Principal for a Day, Oct. 13th
Parent Conferences, Oct. 15th

Avance Book Club, Oct. 14th @ Room 114
Canceled Tutoring begins Oct. 14th and 15th
National School Lunch Week, Oct. 12-16 @ Cabell
Flu Shot, Oct. 13 @ Cabell
Canceled CAR Program, Oct. 14 @ Cabell
Playground Dedication/PTA and 1st Grade Performance, Oct. 20th @ 5:30

Online Learner Profile

What is a Learner Profile?

A learner profile tells the student’s academic and personal story and includes strengths, areas for growth, interests, goals, and how he/she learns best. In order to help students know where they stand academically in their classes, the learner profile empowers them through real-time academic performance data and allows them to actively participate in their learning.

Students will be able to view:

  • Current assignment grades (Gradespeed)

  • Access to individual performance on previous STAAR exams (by TEKS)

  • Individual goal-setting/ planning for college

  • Learning style inventory to serve as another data point for teachers and students as they make instructional decisions)s

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1. Logging in and Dashboard

2. Test Scores. This window provides students their historical state test data. Students will see a snapshot of the most recent state assessments. When he/she clicks on TEKS Analysis, they will have access to individual TEK data in comparison to the school as well as the district.

3. My Learning Style. This window will prompt students to take a Learning Style Inventory. Students will be given 3 lists of 10 statements each, in which they will self-select which statements best describe him/her by putting a checkmark next to it. The list that receives the most checkmarks will reveal his/her learning style.
4. My Report Card. At the end of the six weeks, students will be able to view his/her report card. Until a report card has been issued, this window will remain blank.

5. Student Goals and Plans for College

This allows students to have a digital place to set and reflect against progress towards goals and plans for college.

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Teacher View

Teachers are able to view summary data on student learning styles (by class).

To login, go to Use EAD login credentials.

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Habits of Mind: Be respectful of others

Being respectful means you care about others and yourself equally. Here are some Common Ways of Being Respectful:
1. Keep respectful friends: Have well-mannered friends who will respect you and others.
2. Be respectful even if the other is not: patience and humility are two great ways of showing respect.
3.Never insult anyone: Never say anything offensive to other persons. To avoid regrets later keep your behavior and words in control.
4. Obey authority: Authority is there to keep everything smooth and under control
Earning respect is not a one day game it takes time to build a respective image.

Mission Statement

our mission is to promote student success through a high quality education. For every child to succeed, we must hold students and ourselves to high expectations. Only the courageous pursuit of excellence will lead to success.