grapevine mills mall store variety

spencers gifts,texas treasures, sprint,and more

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spencer's gifts

spencer's gifts is a store that specializes in unordinary clothing and accessories that are either "nerdy" or sometime offensive.the store gets most of its customers from people who enjoy the out of the ordinary style.they also cross sell very well because they are so unique. up selling also works because they sell the designs to larger companys
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texas treasures

texas treasures is a souvenir shop located in most texas malls. most people buy things there for a gag gift or a silly house decoration.cross selling is not exactly a priority here,but upselling is common.
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sprint is a cell phone carrier that is a main competitor to at&t and verizon.what sets them apart is they develop some types of phone themselves.they cross sell because it is a subscription.
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earthbound trading company

the earthbound trading company is a souvenir shop that specializes in handmade crafts.what sets them apart is that they make all of their goods,so they are different than all other shops.they can cross sell because once someone finds the unique items,they come more often
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samsonite company store.

samsonite is a store for cheap and rare travel bags. they get most of their business from low prices and also they have a big selection.they up sell more than cross sell, by selling designs to other stores