JFK Assassination

Angel Benitez

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

John F. Kennedy born May, 29th 1917 he was the 35th president of the united states of america. he got assassinated on November 22, 1963 as he rode in a motorcade through dealey plaza in downtown Dallas Texas. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Nobody seems to know the real reason why JFK why assassinated.

Perspective #1 media portrayed event

When JFK was assassinated the media butchered the information making people believe other things. All this lead to people believing that lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone and that the CIA had something to due with it. They believed the CIA had JFK assassinated because they wanted to get to Castro. Especially because all this took place during the cold war.

Perspective #2 media portrayed event

Before Lee Harvey Oswald could stand trial Jack Ruby shot and killed him. This took place live and it was the first actual murder to happen on live TV. The medias pressure for information had a negative affect on how people viewed the assassination. It led to people making up their own theories and such.

Media bias

There are many theories about how jfk was assassinated. Many believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald and that he acted alone. Others say there were 2 shooters and that he did not act alone. There are also others theories that the CIA was somehow involved. The media took all these theories and made the public make the whole situation way bigger then it should have been.

Criticism #1

The assassination of John F Kennedy is Historical. It is historical because you hear many stories of how he was killed. Even today in 2016 people are still making movies and writing books about how he was assassinated. It makes it historical because no matter how many books and people people make nobody will ever know the reality of why he was killed.

Criticism #2

Some may say that JFK was the best president ever and some may that he was the worst. Some People believe that if he was never assassinated Vietnam war would have never have happened. All this stuff makes it Historical criticism because nobody will ever know what would have happened if he was never assassinated.
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