Roald Dahl


Matilda: she is a genius and loves playing jokes,she is a small entelligent girl

Father: he works as a car dealer and he is rude to matilda sometimes

Son: he blends right in with the mother and father and he helps he had with car prices

Miss.Trunchbull: the mean principle,she hates kids

One of Matilda's jokes

Tuesday, May 14th, 9-11pm

the house

Matilda got her fathers hat that he takes to work everyday and put superglue all around the inside rim of the hat. When he got to the garage he couldn't get it off.

The Fathers Mean side to Matilda

Tuesday, May 14th, 9pm

Matilda's room

Matilda was in her room minding her own business reading. Her father then comes in the room and asks her if she "ever stops reading." He snatched the book out of her hands.He then started to rip all the pages. It was even a library book. The father didn't care and he just told her to buy a new one.


Tuesday, May 14th, 9pm


One day Matilda was tired of Miss Trunchbull so she took revenge from her using her powers

Matilda is Abandoned

Tuesday, May 14th, 9pm

at the end of the story

Matilda's family is moving to Spain. Matilda doesn't want to leave England because she was just starting to do well. She asks Miss Honey if she could adopt her. Miss.Trunchbull is gone forever and Matilda will be living with Miss Honey forever. Matilda is so much happier with living with Miss Honey then here own parents because Miss.Honey actually pays attention to her and takes care of her well.