Louis Armstrong

Jazz singer/trumpeter

Louis's Childhood

Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901. Louis's Dad left his family when he was a infant. A little while after his mother left him and his sister, with their grandma to care for them. Armstrong was arrested during a New Years Eve party due to him firing his stepfather's gun. He was sent to a home for boys where he found the love for music.

My Facts

Since Louis was a trumpeter and a singer people liked the nickname satchmo for him. His wife and him loved music so much that they were in a band together. In 1922, Louis joined the exodus to Chicago.


Louis Armstrong loved the music. Performing and writing is what he loved to do. It was in his blood. Louis hated the racial segregation in the 1920's. Being a certain color shouldn't matter.


In 1923 Armstrong's first recorded cornet solo. His song "St Louis Blue" written in 1929 was nominated for a Grammy. He won 7 Grammys!


I feel like Louis Armstrong in remembered in 2014 because of his amazing sound in music and his songs have been in a lot of movies/films.

American History

The 1920's should be remembered by everyone having to deal with the after war period that brought everything alive. the music, the food, the clothes, everything in this time was beautiful.
Louis Armstrong Documentary