by : loreane tolentin

polish immigration flier info !

the effects it has on polish migrants how they came to the united states reason for migration cultural jobs etc
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polish immigrants waiting to aborted the ship

There where 3 major waves of polish immigrants to come to the united states they came during 1608-1950s

why the group came to the United States

  • Polish immigrants came to the united states because they wanted a better life others came for the freedom but the majority came because they could no longer survive there agriculture methods could not keep up or compare to other industrialized country

how the group got to the United States

the polish group came to the united states by ship they left at night they crossed week long ocean voyage crammed living of little supply of kosher food

how many members of their group came to the United States ?

  • approximately 10 million Polish immigrants came to the United States

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where the group settled the first polish immigrants settled ?

polish immigrants settled in Jamestown Pennsylvania etc because of the jobs
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jobs the group typically found

  • polish immigrants often found manual labor jobs such as coal miners

contributions the group made to the United States and its culture

  • The Polish contribution to America dates from the Revolutionary War era culture wise shared some of there beliefs for ex the weddings people line up to pay there respects they line up pay the groom a envelope full of cash the bride and groom get salt and bread we do some of those things today

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how the United States' population received and/or treated the group

they treated them worse then other migrants they did not want them in the united sates they harassed them they where not welcomed at all

influence the group had on their homelands as a result of its migration

they get accustom to the new religion they influence there homelands by coming back and introducing new religious beliefs and or actives making others want to migrate to the united states

what US immigration laws or policies were in effect at the time of the group's migration prohibition of

The polish could not inheritance law and debts effect them they could inherit debts such as your kid as well