Looking for Alaska

By: John Green


This story is about a guy named Miles Halter who decided he wants to go to Culver creek high school in Alabama for his junior year its a boarding school.Miles doesn't have a lot of friends until he goes to Culver creek. Some of his new friends a re Alaska, the Colonel his roommate , Takumi, and Lara.The weekday warriors and Miles and his friends hate each other and pull pranks on each other.Lots of people at Culver creek smoke,drank and have secret parties which is not allowed miles and his friends sometimes get in trouble and have to go in front of peers and the Eagle who the dean of students and face consequences.Alaska tells Miles that nobody tells on anyone to the Eagle cause if you do people or that person will get you back for it.They smoke at the smoking hole were the Eagle doesn't go and Miles thinks Alaska is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.One night Miles and the Colonel come over to Alaska's and they get drunk, start to play truth or dare. Alaska dare's Miles to hook up with her but they only make out and Alaska says"to be continued" and two hours later come and says she has to leave....After the next morning that Alaska died that night in a car accident and didn't know where she was going.It was hard on everyone and had for Miles and his friends to deal with her death.Miles and the Colonel blamed themselves for her death and found out later it was the anniversary of her mother death and she put flowers on her grave that were Alaska was going that night.And Miles and his freind's did a memorial prank to remember her. More information about author.


I choose this book because i like the author and the cover of the book made me curious to read it.My favorite part of the book is when Miles and his friends cope with her death and want to do a memorial prank.Some reasons i liked and disliked the book include,my likes are the pranks everyone was playing on one another.How the character Alaska is mysterious and throughout the story you learn more about her. How Miles makes fiends and is not a loner anymore.What i disliked about the book was how nicknames were given to people sometimes got confusing.I also disliked how the story ended with Miles writing his paper.Overall,i would rate the book with 5 stars because i really enjoyed the book and how the plot twist and some of thing that happen you don't see coming so it keeps you guessing. People I would recommend this book to is 8 graders and up. More information on the publisher
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