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Week of April 11, 2016


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School Announcements & Updates

April WWWW Session Sign UP Due-THURSDAY April 14th

April WWWW-Session Sign Up Due Thursday- April 14th

Monthly Celebration Update

The monthly celebration assembly and activity will take place NEXT MONDAY, April 18th. Because the activity and assembly will not be taking place on a typical 2nd Wednesday, we will be following the adjusted specials schedule to accommodate for planning time as discussed during the last UPS day. All grades will be participating in supporting the Relay for Life happenings at JP's track. This is a great opportunity to talk about being a part and supporting the community with our students. Students will be permitted to wear a purple tshirt (with uniform bottoms) to help support the cause. If your grade level feels that this activity will not work for your students, please communicate what support you need with Sefcik, Kile and/or the office by the end of the day Wednesday April 13th. Sefcik will be sending out a schedule of when grade levels should report to the JP track later this week as well as a parent flyer regarding the change in uniform/sneaker reminder for Monday. Remember to wear your sneakers and your Relay for Life shirts (and jeans!) if you ordered them!

Wheatland Color Run

Elizabeth Kreckel and Rachel Tadlock would like to get a team from Wickersham together to run in the Wheatland Color Run. Please see the website for more information: Wheatland Color Run and let Elizabeth or Rachel know if you would like to run/walk with them.

PSSA Celebration-April 29th

PSSA Dinner Celebration Invite

Appreciation Luncheon

All staff members please complete the survey by Friday, April 15th, for our parents so they can plan accordingly for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon- Picnic survey

5th Grade Tshirt Order Form

If you are interested in ordering a 5th grade T-Shirt this year, please complete the pre-order form using the link below:

Orders will only be placed for those that pre-order. The cost is $5 and will be collected at a later date.

Please complete order by Tuesday, April 19th.

Mentor Reminder

Mentor program: Just a friendly reminder to check in with the student you are mentoring and see how they are doing.

Media Center-CLOSED

The media center will be closed through April 22nd. Depending on the number of make-ups and testing it may also need to be closed through April 29th. Communication will be sent once the Media Center will be reopened for book exchange.

Jeans Day: April 18th- Relay for Life

Thank you to the following staff members who have earned a jeans day on Monday, April 18th for supporting National Honor Society’s Relay for Life.

Lindsey Kopp

Jaclyn Gantz

Meredith Sefcik

Stephanie Moyer

Ashley Mercado

Jennifer Irizarry

Christine Kile

Stacey Stoltzfus

Alex Aronson

Ann Fesenmyer

Melanie Snyder

Nate Miller

Angela DiTomasso

Elizabeth Kreckel


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Morning Meeting Focus: PERSEVERANCE

District Updates & Announcements

Report Card Grading Window Update:
Marking Period 3 ends on Monday, April 4th . The Grade files will open on Monday, April 4th for Report Card Run 3. Grade files close on Friday, April 15th at 6pm. Jen will be printing and sending out the free text comment report on Monday, April 11th to give you time to begin entering grades. The only students that will show up on the report are the 1’s and 4’s that have already been entered. If you need the report run at a later time, please email Jen. If you are having trouble entering grades, please contact the office. We are happy to help you or get you to someone who can. Report cards will be emailed to all teachers Monday, April 18th. Any changes that are needed should be immediately emailed to Jen by lunchtime on Tuesday, April 19th.

Behavioral Expectations Reminder:

As we all know between the PSSA testing and warmer weather, students are sometimes demonstrating unusual behaviors. Please remind students of behavioral expectations.

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See someone going above and addition to the paper version of the Staff Spotlight found in the main office here is a link that can also be used to celebrate each other…it can be completely anonymous and there is also a spot for choice on how you feel the celebration should be shared.

Staff Spotlight

A monthly drawing will happen for spotlighted staff to win a PRIZE!

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Meredith goes above and beyond to help with creating wonderful student celebrations. She plans and coordinates with the entire staff to assure that the students always get a wonderful experience!
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On the way to art class, Mrs.Amy Miller stopped her class in the hallway to look at what they made in art. The display described the process of how/why they made their work but the students were also able to discuss with her what they did. Her interest and enthusiasm was real and happy and this ignited her students' excitement. She took her time to really study what was displayed and asked questions. What a wonderful appreciation for art class!

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Great job encouraging the students! The parade was inspirational. The message spoke life into the kids. Great job all!
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Want to start tweeting...not sure how?!? Contact Ms. Mercado or Mr. Lipisko for help.
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Food For Thought...

As you continue developing relationships with students, here is a resource you may want to use to strengthen the understanding of the world many of our children live in:

"I wish my teacher knew" assignment reveals kids' hardships


MONDAY 4/11/16


TUESDAY 4/12/16




THURSDAY 4/14/16

  • Student -Attendance Meetings

FRIDAY 4/15/16



4/18- Monthly Celebration & Relay for Life Activity at HS

Week of 4/18- MATH PSSA
Week of 4/25-Science PSSA

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April Birthdays

17- Deb Shaub

18- Grisel Pichardo

25- Karen Mastropietro

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