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Staff Communication: Please Review 8/20/2021

A Note from Joanna and Lauren: We are Stronger Together!

Dear Central Road Staff,

We did it! The first week of school was wonderful and fast paced! Your engagement in our Institute Day(s) was appreciated as we know lots of information was shared from both the district and school level. Thank you for your patience and support as I learn the CR way. I am soaking everything in as I acclimate to a new building and learn all about it. We are short staffed with PAs and an office clerical so we thank everyone for stepping in to help. A big shout out to Pam for holding down the office fort too. Please enjoy this well-deserved weekend. The first week back is filled with a wide range of emotions, excitement, and adrenealine. It too is very tiring so please relax and enjoy your time off.

Thank you for ALL the time and effort each of you have put in to making this week run as smoothly as it did. The children were engaged and happy when in classrooms and outside. We know that it was not easy for all of our students to transition back so the extra care was appreciated as well. We also thank everyone for jumping in to support each other and our students as needed during this week. We know we have some wrinkles to iron out but we will get there in the coming days/weeks. We are embarking on the new school year with greater confidence than we had at this time last year. We have appreciated the feedback to making our systems run even more smoothly. Improving our accuracy will in turn improve our efficiency. Please always feel free to stop by to share any thoughts and ideas. We are open to suggestions.

Thank you for signing up for Picture Day on September 1st. Please feel free to share the online ordering information with parents in your upcoming parent communications.

Online Prepay ordering information for your picture day on 9/1/21:


Online Order Code: 60455D


We too will host Parent Orientation for our families on September 1st in the evening. Thank you for beginning to prepare for our night of sharing all that we do and all that our students will engage in throughout the year. Parent Orientation is planned to be in person.

Please kindly remind your students and parents to SELF-CERTIFY their child(ren) each morning before school. We are trying hard to ensure each student has a signed lanyard before entering our building each day. Your gentle reminder will go a long way as the health and safety of all is our top priority. We too are including a reminder in our upcoming parent communication. Thank you for doing so. Please also note that bus/transportation routes are noted in IC for both parents and staff. We are working hard with our transportation department to make any needed adjustments.

If your classroom or teaching space requires an orange emergency bag, we have ordered extras for you. They should be arriving in the next 1-2 weeks and we will distribute as needed. We have located the red emergency folders in the building and we are working on updating them.

If you have a student who requires school supplies, we have extra in the office. Please stop by to pick them up as needed.

Each student should have an assignment notebook. Dega walked around this week to pass them out to students who did not have them. They do cost $5.00 but we would like each student to have one whether or not they are able to bring in the $. We have extra assignment notebooks and calculators in the office area if you have students who still require them.

Our PBIS Bootcamp expectation review allowed for student to clearly understand what is expected at Central Road. We appreciate you taking the time to rotate and re-learn together. Thank you to our staff who helped facilitate each rotation!

We plan to officially begin math instruction on Tuesday, August 24th. Please ensure you have enough math books for students who may be on level or out of level. We have extra books if needed. Thank you to our 3-6 teachers for meeting this week to share CR's previous math systems and hope to iron out any kinks as needed.We are excited to get math up and going on Monday. Our 3-6 math block will take place from 12:55-2:15 pm Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, we will hold math from 12:55-2:10 pm. Thank you for noting this minor shift in times.

Lastly, please check your license status on the ISBE website, www.isbe.net. You should go to “ELIS/Educator Credentials'' to make sure your renewal and registration dates are up to date. Anyone whose license expired as of June 30, must have renewed and registered their license or it has lapsed. Teachers who have an expired license will not be eligible to teach so thank you for taking the time to confirm you are all set.

Certification-Staff and Students

Staff will self-certify themselves daily. Please pick up a new green card/lanyard holder on Monday during Institute Day. We have them in the MPR. We will not be completing the daily google form for staff self-certification this year.

Students will certify in the same way as they did last year. Each child should have a lanyard at this time.

Important Links-Please click and review!

Important Dates

  • Friday, August 20th Faculty Meeting-Early Release
  • Friday, August 27th Team Plan (NO CPDU)
  • Wednesday, September 1st Parent Orientation Night Grades K-6
  • Wednesday, September 1st Smile-It is Picture Day
  • Monday, September 6th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, September 8th-Board of Education Meeting @ 7 pm
  • Wednesday, September 15th-PTA Meeting @7pm

Health and Safety (Subject to Change)

Our District health department continues to monitoring the metrics and guidance from multiple agencies.

  • Good hand washing and using hand sanitizer during the school day will continue to be encouraged
  • Students are to be seated 3 feet apart from one another in the classroom (yard sticks are helpful for measuring)
  • Student will seat 3 feet feet apart when eating. We will use a combination of the classrooms and the cafeteria as we start off the school year. See specific scheduled linked above
  • We will no longer be taking temperture checks each morning
  • Locker use is acceptable
  • Shield (Covid) testing will take place 1x a week (Fridays) for students whose families have opted into this opportunity. More to come on specific details

Welcome to New Staff to Central Road!

Thank you for welcoming our new staff to Central Road!

  • Wendy Walther, Social Worker (2 days a week)

  • Lynn Proska, Program Assistant working with grades 1&2

  • John Sanko-Tech Support

Openings to fill:

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Program Assistant

  • TBD, Office Clerical

Monthly Committee Notes

More to come each month!

Technology Information

Instructional Tech Slides-Please Review

Chromebook Distribution and Information

Clever and Google Classroom Information

K-2 chromebooks will remain at school. Students in grades 3-6 will be able to take their chromebooks to/from school as needed.

Clever Badges and Logging in

K-2 Clever Badge Info

Important Instructional Technology Updates

There have been several changes to the way we roster and access our digital tools. Please see this deck for more information.

Chromebook Distribution

Please see this important document for the details on Chromebook distribution and other information. Contact Colleen Seick with any questions.

Teaching and Learning

Reading Support Information

Reading intervention will start on Monday, August 23rd for some of our students. These groups will be based on the Spring data review. Reading intervention will take place 3 days a week and the other 2 days will be used for data collection on students that were virtual and/or we need more data to make a decision regarding intervention placement. On Day 21, September 16, 2021, intervention will take place 5 days a week, with 2 group slots held for kindergarten. Intervention with kindergarten will start after 8 weeks. Culleen Siebert has worked to kick off reading support on day 4 of school.

Academic Interventionist(s)

We are excited to work with 2 interventionists in our building. Nicole Candela and Adriana Temple (bilingual) are excited to begin in their new roles. They will be supporting Tier 1+ in the classroom which will include reading and math support. They can also support low-level behavioral interventions.


Lori Schmidt will continue to be our coach. She too is very excited to begin working with staff regarding their teaching and learning this school year!

PE and Health teacher are able to review information from their department.

5th Grade & 6th Grade Instrumental Music is Ready to Start! This year we are pleased to offer instrumental music to all 5th and 6th grade students! Click here for more information and to sign up!

¡La música instrumental de 5to Grado y 6to Grado está lista para comenzar! ¡Este año nos complace ofrecer música instrumental a todos los estudiantes de 5to y 6to grado! ¡Haga clic aquí para obtener más información y registrarse!


Sixth Grade Second Step Teacher Access

Digital access for Second Step for 6th grade teachers is currently unavailable. We are working to get access setup as quickly as possible. In the meantime, teachers may utilize other resources available in the SEL Scope and Sequence.


District 15 SEL Website

Special Education

  • Our special education staff have been working with classroom teachers to ensure appropriate supports are in place for students with IEPs or 504 plans.
  • At this time, classroom teachers/staff should know which students have special accommodations to meet their needs. Thank you for implementing them with fidelity.

ESPA-Program Assistants

Community Outreach and PTA

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