Don't just sit there ask for help!!

You don"t need to keep quiet anymore

  1. Why do people bully others?
  2. Why doesn't anyone do anything?
  3. Why do people give up and just keep quiet.
  4. What should I do?

1. Why do people bully others.

People bully others because it makes them feel stronger. They think that if they bully others people would respect them. People do this because their treated this way at home.

2. Why doesn't do anything about this?

People get scared that the same thing could happen to them too. They're stopped by someone including the person that is getting bullied. Some people are so selfish that they dint even care.

3. Why do people just give up?

They're tired of trying because no one doesn't do anything about it. They're threatened by the person getting bullied. They think everything will be fine when nothing like thats going to happen.

4. What should I do?

You shouldn't just keep quiet you should get up and fight for yourself. You should tell someone you trust a friend, family member, teacher anyone but you should tell. You should walk away if the bully sees they don't offend you in any way they would stop. Lastly you should believe in yourself, confidence will make you stronger and you can stand up for yourself.