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Ed. 4 September 28, 2020

5 Steps to Successful Home Learning

If you are struggling with how to support your student in being successful in home learning, you are not alone! Follow these guidelines to bring structure and peace to your home learning routine!

1. Create a weekly family meeting: Use a family meeting to put structure and routines in place. Give your student an opportunity to talk about what is going well and not so well. Create plans to address concerns; while you have the final say, when your middle schooler participates in making the plan, they are more likely to have buy-in.

2. Make a daily routine and post it: Middle Schoolers benefit from structure and knowing what to expect. Break up the day into blocks of time for going to classes, studying on their own, movement and snack breaks, lunch, going outside, homework, chores and fun screen time.

3. Name a study space and personalize it: Whether it’s the same spot at the kitchen table or a spot in their bedroom, decide where your student will study. If possible separate your children into different rooms or different areas of the same room. Adjust their screen height so it’s at eye level to avoid neck and back pain, the brightness to reduce eye strain and make sure their feet can reach the floor so they are grounded. Put together a special storage space for their books, notebooks or other supplies. Discuss how they can personalize or decorate their study space to make it more comfortable and inviting.

4. Foster time management: Consider placing a clock or timer in your student’s study space. Student’s need to see time move in order to grasp it. Help them set up alerts and alarms on their phones or use banners on their devices as reminders.

5. Practice empathy: Just as it is hard for you to get things done at home sometimes, it’s even harder for your student. Instead of anger and resentment, go with compassion. Most kids don’t want to learn from home any more than you want them there. In those tough moments, manage yourself before dealing with your middle schooler. When you’re calmer, you can be more open and caring towards them. Your empathy will go a long way to diffusing the intensity of their situation and build deeper, lasting connections.

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September 15 - October 15

Bates Is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month!

Check out the Cougar Channel!

Cougar Chanel is ON during Building Communities! (8:30 AM!)

Flex Time is now CLass Time!

Good News! Flex time is now required for ALL STUDENTS for the ENTIRE class period. For encore classes, students will attend the first half of class with their A day encore and the second half of class for their B day encore. See the below schedule for more information. The newly revised schedule can be downloaded from the One Bates Website
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It's getting a bit STICK-Y around here!

As most of you know, Bates Middle School is an integrated arts community! Thanks to Maryland Hall (our neighbor), our Bates students will be working with Patrick Dougherty, a stickwork sculpture artist, throughout this school year. All students will be participating in mini lessons during the Building Communities block to understand the artist's process and engage in nature-inspired arts activities. Beyond the classroom, we will be offering an after-school club to further explore the art projects- stay tuned for more information about after-school clubs! As Spring approaches, and Patrick Dougherty begins planning, collecting materials, and creating his sculptures right on the grounds of Maryland Hall, our Bates students will be along for the ride! Feel free to check out his website to see some examples of his art pieces! Questions?? Contact Ms. Grimail or Ms. Miller

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Building Community Block | 8:30 - 8:55 AM Daily

Each morning students meet with their “Period 9” teacher for Building Community Block. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they watch the Cougar Channel for morning announcements, take part in Community Circle and engage in other various fun activities. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students start their day with the pledge and engage in Second Step Lessons. In the first unit of Second Step, students are learning about Growth Mindsets. Check out the One Bates Website to learn more about Second Step and how to support your student's growth mindset!

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Student Absences

If your student is absent from class, please complete this google form (form in Spanish) or send a picture of the doctors note to Ms. Tongue. If your student will be absent from class for 3 or more days, please contact their grade level counselor in order to assist with gathering make-up assignments. If possible, please schedule doctor’s appointments during non-instructional times.

(Link can also be found on the One Bates Website)

Instructional Material Pick Up

Did you miss Instructional Material Pick Up?? No worries, you may pick up materials Tuesday through Thursday this week between 12pm and 1pm. (Get some lunch while you are here!!)

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In the Community

8th Grade Students and Families | Magnet application season is here!

It's time to consider the many exciting advanced studies magnet opportunities available for 9th grade. Check out the AACPS Magnet Information video and website below!

The application window opens October 12, 2020 and runs through November 24, 2020. In early October 8th grade students will learn more information in their classrooms. Stay tuned for more details regarding virtual information events . Dates and times will be announced in October. If you have questions -contact Ms. Darling! CLICK HERE for more info!

From the Counseling Office

Counselors are still available to talk to students! Please have your student submit a

Counseling Request Form

PTA News

Thanks to everyone who "attended" Thursday night's virtual PTA meeting, our first of the new school year. We were able to share some important information but more importantly, we received some great ideas and suggestions from some of the grown-ups on the Zoom call. We look forward to following up and implementing some of those ideas. Please keep an eye out in early October for an email from our awesome principal, Katie Hicks, which will include a short survey to ask families for preferred days, times, and topics for future PTA meetings. We appreciate everyone who joined us and participated! JOIN THE PTA @ !!!

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Important Dates

Sept 28 | Yom Kippur, School Closed

Oct 12 | Magnet Applications OPEN

Oct 13 | Parent Teacher Conferences, School Closed

Oct 21 | 2 Hour Early Dismissal

Wiley H. Bates MIddle School

Katherine Hicks, Principal

Amy Beller, editor

We are better together!