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Do you want to get away from the cruel life in your homeland? Then you should come to Minnesota where there is tons of open land, but hurry because people are arriving by the steamboat load. The climate means that there is no ague or fever and the land is probably rich in mineral treasures. You might even be able to buy some very profitable land. But don't worry all of your neighbors are trustworthy. So hurry to Minnesota before there is no land left.
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We have a school teacher named Harriet Bishop and she teaches in St.Paul. We have also set aside land for public schools and state universities. Settlers are even thinking about building churches. So if you want your children to get a good education you should come to Minnesota.
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There are six main ways of travel to get around Minnesota and they are by canoe, foot, oxcart, stage coach, train and steamboat. The steamboats stop in St. Paul. So now you know how people are getting around Minnesota.
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Here are some immigrants thoughts of Minnesota. "I regard myself as freed.", "Women in general have a good life." So as you can see lots of immigrants like Minnesota so you should come too.