The Aurora Borealis

Visit 'The Final Frontier' & Witness The Lights Yourself

Witness The Show

Believe it or not, The Aurora Borealis aren't actually lights in the sky. They are the result of electrically charged particles colliding as they enter the sun's atmosphere.

It Will Be Amazing

We will only take you to the best spots to see the lights. Guarantee it. Good periods to see the show are between late September and late March. The best spots to see them are in Northern Alaska, Iceland, and Northern Canada.

Be Prepared

As we travel to Northern Alaska, be sure you have your snow gear! Temperatures are regularly below zero and there's always snow on the ground. We will take a boat across the Pacific to southern Alaska, then bring our sled dogs to pull us north.

The Lightshow

There are so many different colors that make up the lights. Green, purple, red, pink, and blue are all colors shown from the lights. The reason that the lights are seen in so many colors is because our atmosphere is made up of many different compounds like Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Aurora Borealis vs Aurora Australis?

The major difference between the Borealis and the Australis is where they're located: the Borealis in the northern hemisphere, the Australis in the south hemisphere. It has been proved that the Australis give a better/more visible show. But, both hemispheres present the same colors and look as the other