Athens better change

by: Quintan Rash


Socrates one of the greatest philosophy. He would always tell people people to question things. He would always ask them questions to force them to think about their beliefs. He would ask them like what is the good life man?What is the truth? How do you know? This got Socrates in trouble and made him have enemies they were saying he was not worshiping the gods.So he was sentenced to death so he drunk the juice form the hemlock plant which is poisonous plant. Its way better court rooms so now we can argue because use Greeks love to argue and if your a person that loves to argue you should move here and that will be your job to argue. And if you want that job you first have to come on down to Athens were everything is better.


when they got sick they thought you got sick because it was a punishment by the gods but Hippocrates change their thoughts that they just got sick buy natural causes. They studied animals. And they learned how plant reproduce by spreading seeds. doctors used lots of plants to help heal and make the pain go away. A Greek scientist named Aristarchus was the first person to suggest that Earth moves around the sun. This idea really upset some Greeks that thought earth was centered on the world. Athens is better at science we learn that that sickness is just a natural cause not a punishment by the gods. And if you want to be a scientists you should come on down and learn the world. And how plants are. So if you want to do all this stuff come on down to Athens.


Pythagoras started a school so he could develop mathematical theories Pythagoras loved geometry just like many Greeks. Geometry is a system to measure land.Buy geometry they learned how to see their farm fields and how to lay out a city.Another famous mathematician was Euclid. His geometry textbook became the basis for the teaching o geometry for more than 2,000 years. And the first women to be famous in mathematics was Hypatia. she was born in Egypt in about 370 C.E. she taught Greek philosophy and mathematics in the city of Alexandria. Math has got a lot harder and more problems and if you want your kid to get good learning you should move to Athens so your kid is the smartest on the plant. And we will teach about how math started back then. so come on down to Athens where you will be the smartest person on earth you hear that come on down.


The Greeks made temples as a beautiful dwelling places for the gods and goddesses rather than a places to worship. The Greek had 3 different pillars they are Doric ,ionic ,Corinthian and this pillars were 30 ft high. This is not a place to worship these temples were made for the gods and gods only. We have beautiful temples and better ones we make the temples for everyone to see. And one cool things is that now the pillars are way taller like 30 feet and now instead of worshiping the gods you get to learn about them two. So if you want to learn a lot of facts and see new upgrades come on down to Athens.


They made the seats so everybody could see and hear the play and they made it in a semicircle and it was outside.they used hoists to make the person look like there flying. Unlike plays today the women could not be in the play. When there was a female part a male still played it. The Greeks would build the theater on the side of a hill. Now theaters are better we make them inside so you do not get wet if it rains and inside we have speakers so you can hear a lot better than you use to. And we let girls be in the plays but don't worry you can hear and see. So that is why you should come down to Athens because we got better plays than you will every see.


The Olympic games were held in honor of Zeus. They had ,footrace,discus throw,long jump,jump,javelin throw and wrestling.They light a touch to start but back then the used to start it with a sacrifice of an animal to the gods to. They loved to be healthy when going into the games. Also women could not go to the games or been in the games only men allowed. And now the Olympic games are better girls can be in it and they can come to it and they have more games to it and better ones to. That why you should come down to Athens and see the new and better sports.