N. Hemisphere & S. Hemisphere

By : Laniah Johnson

How To Use A Compass

Using a compass can be very easy once you get the hang of it. Wherever you turn the compass the red arrow will always be pointed towards the magnetic north. Here are the steps to using a compass;

- Make sure your compass is flat

-Turn the way you are trying to go

-Make sure the magnetic needle is pointing north

-You may want to use your map and use the measuring scales on the map

- rotate you dial with the degree graduations, to determine your bearing

-The magnetic needles always points to north or south direction, the red end of the needle indicates the magnetic north.

-Then you should have found your destination!!!

How Magnetic Fields Affect A Compass

The magnetic field effects a compass where you are. If you are in the northern part of the world like we are right now cause we are in Indiana and that is North. But If we were in the southern part which would be in in Antarctica. You will have to face a different way and have a different compass because of how the magnetic fields affect the earth on the north and south sides of the Earth.