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Do you like Coke?

Have you ever drank Coke, or a Coke product? Well you may not know it, but you are probably drinking a Coke product almost everyday!


It all started back in 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia. John Pemberton, a pharmacist, was trying to create a headache reliever. He made this syrup stuff which is now Coke. This delicious syrup was made on total accident, believe it or not. This product- (the syrup), was mixed with some ingredients to make a delicious drink. It was sold in Jacob's pharmacy, in atlanta. Coca-Cola was the new, non-carbonated, great tasting headache reliever! It got lots of customers, and that's when it started to slowly get popular. Soon it was the drink we all know today, Coke.


Coca-Cola used to be very poor. It was not carbonated. Coke was also only sold at Jacob's pharmacy. As you can see, it has gotten better! After John Pemberton started to grow the business and spreading the news, he didn't want the business anymore. He sold it to Asa Candler for $2,300. He had a lot more money, and put advertisements and posters around. Soon it had a small factory, and was all around Georgia. When the people were making it, someone accidentally put carbonated water instead of regular water (remember that it was non carbonated), and people loved it, so that is how they kept making it. Next, Candler no longer liked the name Coca Cola, so he renamed it “Coke.” At this moment it was going across the US and was sold in almost every state, and people loved the name Coke. That was sorta the turning point for Coke. After this, they started to make other things such as sugar free Coke, Fanta, Powerade, and Cherry Coke. Can you tell how much better they are today? The taste is better, the products are better, and the quality.


The Coca Colas Company´s best product is the regular Coke. It was their first product, and its history goes way back. People love its taste, carbonation, quality, and its texture. Regular Coke is so good because of the real sugar and high-quality ingredients they use. One of Cokes secret ingredients makes you crave it even more- the feeling you get of being so refreshed. People like this a lot.


Coke has definitely changed society, I mean, c’mon, if you're reading this and you drink Coke, can you imagine your life without it? I know I couldn't. Back then, only georgia drank Coke. Now the whole world drinks it! And yes, literally, they’ve made so many products to make sure that everyone can have some form of Coke. But then come the bad thing, people drinking to much. Around the world Coke has even impacted people's health. Don't drink too much Coke, or else diabetes and other health problems can happen.Coke has also impacted by donating over million's of dollars to places likes education, environment, health, natural disasters, and water/food services. This is actually a great and cool company!

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“Taste the Feeling” by Conrad Sewell