Nontraditional careers

By Katelyn & Kenny

What is a nontraditional career?

Working in a field or pursuing a degree program in which the total population is comprised of 25% or less of one gender.

Nontraditional jobs

  • Pest control worker is nontraditional for a women
  • Architect is nontraditional for women
  • Camera operator is nontraditional for women
  • File Clerk is nontraditional for men
  • Dentist is nontradional for a women
  • Bicycle repairing is nontraditional for a women
  • Maid and housekeeper is nontradional for men
  • Teller is a nontradional for men
  • Civil Engineeer is a nontraditional for women
  • Court Reporter is a nontraditional for men

Molly Williams

The first known female firefighter in the United States was a slave from New York by the name of Molly Williams who was said to be "as good a fire lady as many of the boys." she fought fires through the early 1800's. Molly is very successful because she is the first women firefighter in the United States and that's a pretty big deal.

Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman was born in 1974. He is a baker, pastry chef, and television chef that was born in Detroit, Michigan. Duff is really successful because he is on television show getting to do what he loves.

Pros and cons of a nontraditional career

The Pros

  • You get to follow your dream whether or not your a boy or a girl
  • you get attention if you are doing a good job
  • For women the pay of a job is typically higher in careers where men dominate

The Cons

  • The potentially negative feelings from other co-workers
  • For women they are sometimes treated like there uneducated
  • Also women might have a hard time with the physical part of a job for men