How can we stop ISIS from killing innocent civilians?

ISIS beginning

The terrorist group ISIS began in the 1990s in Iraq.But the group wasn't called ISIS back then.The group was originally named "Jamaat al-Tawhid wa-l-Jihad ( JTWJ )." Since the group wasn't big enough. The leader of JTWJ joined his group with Osama Bin Laden's group al-Qaeda. Together, they called their group ISIS.

ISIS's goal

ISIS's goal is to establish a new Islamic caliphate across the Middle East. Which means to get a new religious leader for the people so the people can finally have a leader to succeed them.


PROS. - ISIS is trying to help their people get a new leader for them to have control for their state. And maybe when they get what they want, they'll stop striking at us.

CONS. - ISIS are killing citizens and decapitating innocent people just to get something from the U.S president. Also, they're destroying cities and killing some of their people.

How can we stop ISIS from killing innocent civilians?

We can stop ISIS from killing innocent civilians by sending out more military troops after them to finish them off. Or, we can meet their demands by letting them have a new Islamic caliphate.