By: Mia Macias and Emily Phariss

Frederick Douglass

  • Born February 1818 (specific date unknown but celebrated on the 14)
  • Never knew his mother and his father died when he was very young
  • When his father died he was moved to another plantation where his master's wife taught him some of the alphabet but was quickly turned away from it and he taught himself
  • Given to a slave breaker after planning escape but escaped in 1838
  • Gave speeches of an inside view of slavery
  • Republican
  • Purchases his freedom in 1847 after hiding in europe for two years to avoid capture

Harriet Tubman

  • Led over 300 slaves to freedom
  • Born in Maryland died in New York
  • Nurse during the civil war
  • Civil war occurred during her lifetime
  • She was a republican
  • 1820-1913

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