Leticia Francisco & Ra'ahmes Glin


Snakehead fish or Channa Argus

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The Snakehead Fish has a long thin brownish body with a mouth full of sharp teeth, as you can see. It can grow up to 3 feet long.

Its committed some serious crimes as well!

Origin & Threat

It was originally from Asia but is an invasive now in the U.S. It was first reported in 2002 by a fisherman in Maryland: an aquarium may have released them or they could have been someones pets. Either way now its causing problems in ecosystems across America.

The Snake-head fish poses a significant threat because of its unusual adaptations. It can; breath air, survive out of water, preys on all other fish, and withstand icy water. They have no predators and produce spawn more than once a year.


In 2004 it was discovered in the lower Potomac River, FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA, and Flushing Queen, New York. The ugly critters didn't stop there either; in 2008 a growing population was found in Hudson River Drainage and the Mississippi River Drainage.
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Ways Justice could Be Served

Threw out the years the Snakehead fish had evaded capture from the law, but it can still be brought to justice. There are programs and agencies funded the government, etc... to prevent the spread of the snakehead fish to the four great lakes or their bases. Methods like electric shocks to ponds and lakes and poison( it doesnt last long and is not as extreme as it seems).