Output devices

What are output devices?? Does any one know!!!!

What are output devices????

An output device is a piece of hardware that is used to display or output data which has been processed or has been stored on the computer.

Well, there are many different types of output devices. I will tell the main ones!!!!


A monitor is the most commonly used output device. They come different shapes, sizes and forms. Though there are different types of printers. Laser. Ink jet. Dot matrix. Thermal. Bubble jet(old technology).


Printers are commonly used output devices. They are used to create a HARD copy of your work.

Touch Screen

A touch screen is the only device which works as both an input and output devices. You view the options available to you on the screen.

Digital Projector

A digital projector is a device which connects to a computer and is used to project the data on your screen.


Speakers are output devices which produces sounds.


Headphones consist of a pair of small loudspeakers which are worn or in the ears. It has the same specs as a speaker/

This are all the main output devices that are seen, heard, and felt. I hope you have a pretty good idea about the output devices!! Good Luck!!!!