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Monday, January 24, 2022

special message from Alison

Dear BPMS Families and Community,

After thirty-five years in the fabulous kitchen of this wonderful school in the Huntington River Valley, I'm moving on to easier projects and more time with four generations of my little family.

It has been an honor and delight to feed you and your kids, to be able to use beautiful produce grown on local farms, and talk about agriculture and nutrition.

We've held fundraisers, Town Meetings, Potlucks, Fire Department dinners and Open Houses. Once we can gather indoors again, I'm sure these events will return, and we'll be able to break bread together, share stories, walk in the forest and celebrate afterwards.

Thank you for helping! You've donated corn and potatoes, venison, zucchini and tomatoes, thousands of volunteer hours, and an unending willingness to try new things and eat whole grain cookies!

I'll be around; weaving, subbing, walking. I'm not going very far for very long. I'll see you.

Play! Dance, Read, Sing! Eat Vegetables! Help your Neighbors! Stay healthy and take care!

Call with any questions 434-2074, through June 15, 2022

Love, Alison

Virtual Parent Meetings in February

Please join us for our February virtual Parent Meeting on

Thursday 2/10 at 6:30 pm in the evening or

Friday 2/11 at 8:00 am in the morning.

Links will be sent one day ahead.

important dates in late January and February

Thursday, 1/27/22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, K and 1/2, 8:30 am-11:45 am

Friday, 1/28/ 22 - Ski Cubs X-country for 3/4 students at BPMS 9-11 am

Thursday, 2/3/22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, K and 1/2, 8:30 am-11:45 am

Friday, 2/4/22 - NAEP testing for Fourth Grade student from 8-10:00 am

Friday, 2/4/22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, 3/4 students, 11:30-2:00 pm

Wednesday, 2/9/22 Early Release Day, 12:20 pm (2 hours earlier)

Thursday, 2/10/22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, K and 1/2, 8:30 am-11:45 am

Friday, 2/11/ 22 - X-country at Sleepy Hollow for 3/4 students

Thursday, 2/17/22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, K and 1/2, 8:30 am-11:45 am

Friday, 2/18/ 22 - SNOW Motion at Cochrans, 3/4 students, 11:30-2:00 pm

Monday, 2/21/22- Tuesday, 3/1/22 Mid Winter Break

Wednesday, March 2nd - Return to school

Yogi's snow plow pile turned into Tunnel Town!

Big picture

Great Ideas for Supporting your Mathematician at home :)

  • Start with a positive mindset

Do you ever hear yourself saying “I’m really bad at math”? It’s only small, but your children can pick up on negativity towards subjects and, unfortunately, this can be a real barrier to their learning. We advise parents to try using positive language around your children when talking about math. You may not mean to be negative, but your children may take it to heart. Your positivity may well improve their math attitude!

  • Play math games together

Many games use mathematical and logical skills that your children will need in later life - plus they’re fun!. Games like jigsaw puzzles help children to develop logical & spatial awareness skills. Board games with dice develop children’s counting skills. Other games that may help develop your child’s math skills are scrabble and chess. Get playing!

  • Practice reading the time

As we move into digital, many children are growing up not reading analogue clocks. Make sure your child practices reading analogue clocks in everyday life, as this is part of the math curriculum. It’s as simple as reading the clock you may walk past on the side of a building, otherwise how will they ever be able to read the iconic Big Ben?

  • Use fractions in daily life

Fractions can be simple for you to practice with your child. Simple common fractions can be reinforced at home even if you’re not too confident with fractions. Stick to fractions you know such as ½ or ¼. See a window split into four coloured panels? Ask your child “what fraction of the window is coloured in blue?” You don’t have to use rounded shapes such as cakes and pizzas to practise fractions, just make sure the separate parts of the shape are all the same size.

  • Involve them with problem solving

Students benefit from being able to problem solve in math. As parents, you can help your children practice these skills every day. You can ask your child to tell you which is the best deal at the supermarket or how much their pair of trousers are worth when there is a 30% sale on in a clothes store, or which internet provider has the best deal when you need to switch.

  • Use open questions

Sometimes it’s just plain hard not to work out the correct answer for your child’s homework without simply giving it to them. Unfortunately, just giving children the answer to their homework means they don't learn to work the answer out for themselves. This means they’ll get stuck without you. Next time your child needs help with their homework, try asking prompting questions such as: “Why did you write that down?” “How did you get that answer?” “What method did you use?” This will help your child fully understand the math methods they’re using and reinforce independent learning.

PDF below if you want to print this out

Home Test Kit Reminder

Just a quick reminder that if you received Home Test Kits last week they are to be used if your child is a presumed close contact at school. Please hang on to the kits until they are needed to Test at Home before coming to school.

If you have questions, please let us know.