First Date – Hyundai SB50 Ad

Super Bowl 50 Propaganda Assignment for Arun

#1- Visual

Below, you will see a visual of the product being advertised in the commercial, the Hyundai Genesis automotive vehicle.

Citation for image:

Hyundai Genesis. CBS. Dallas, TX, 7 Feb. 2016. Television.

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#2- Analysis

A: Name of Product: Hyundai Genesis

B: What is the Target Audience?
- There target gender for this product would be men, primarily men with daughters who this ad is trying to relate to.

-This product is mainly targeting the middle class, since the MSRP of this vehicle starts around $27,000.

-The target age for this product would be around age 20 and above.

Letters C, D, and E:

The psychographic target audience for this ad would be the resigned group, because people in this group choose brands that are safe, familiar and economical. Hyundai is a well-known car brand that is know for its safety and MPG (miles per gallon). The main propaganda technique used in this ad is testimonial, because the dad is played by world-famous comedian Kevin Hart. It slightly uses a Plain Folks approach, because the people go on a regular date that regular people go on, and they go to places that lots of other people go to. This add is mainly logos, but also has some ethos in it. This ad is Logos because it logically uses the car's car finder feature so that Kevin Hart can find them wherever they go, which is more than half the ad. It is also ethos because it appeals to the viewer ethically and pulls people to continue watching it by using respected people such as Kevin Hart. He has some authority and we tend to believe what he says and does because of that. So people believe that the card finder feature actually works because Kevin Hart shows you that it does.

Big image
HQ Genesis Default. 2016. Youtube, n.p.

Letter F: Conclusion

The Hyundai advertisement "First Date" is very effective because it is funny, ethical, logical, and also uses a testimonial approach. The add is funny because in the beginning Kevin Hart, playing the part of a dad, lets a stranger take his car willingly. He specifically states, "Huh, you know what, why don't you go ahead and take my new car." That seemed sort of strange until you watch the rest of the ad and see him following both of them wherever they go. In one scene he is hanging from a ladder attached to a helicopter and screaming "You're messing with the wrong daddy!" In my opinion, that's really funny. It also shows ethos, or an ethical approach, by using a respected person like Kevin Hart, so the viewer will believe what he has to say. This ad is also very effective because it uses a testimonial approach, by using a world-famous comedian, Kevin Hart. It shows logos because the advertisement logically shows how the car finder feature works in the car. These are all reasons that show how the add is effective in pulling viewers in to continue watching it. It's not all about Kevin Hart, you know. Also, according to USA Today, it won the 2016 Ad meter highest score award for the super bowl, which just again shows how good it is at pulling people in and how effective it is.