Winter 2017

Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail

Recently I linked up with a group of runners for a Sunday long run. The day was bitterly cold. We started in the dark and all of us clicked on our headlamps or flashlights. Thankfully there was no wind, but the real feel was still an icy 9 degrees fahrenheit.

During our run we discussed several topics. We talked about work, family, sports and I even think politics came up : /

A little over halfway through the run I asked my friend Jeff a question. "Jeff, in today's world we constantly hear how everyone is so busy. Do you think part of the busyness is that people poorly plan?"

For the next mile or so we bantered back and forth. In the end we concluded that a busy life likely has to do with these main factors:

1) Self-Inflicted over scheduling - Most of us struggle to say no. We put a lot on our plates and in the process balance goes out the window.

2) Health & Family Needs - Sometimes life just happens. All we can do is control our attitude and try our best to survive.

3) Poor Planning - If you spend your spare time playing Candy Crush or scanning FaceBook, and then complain about being busy, you might have a prioritizing issue.

As administrators it is crucial to have one eye on the now, and one eye on what's next. Years ago I was told a strong leader is ready for today and planning for tomorrow. It was at that point that I developed a parent blog...not because several clamored for it, but I believed that future parents would find it helpful.

February is just past halfway. What professional development are you planning on attending? As an educational leader it is crucial to model continuous learning and improvement. Remember, failure to plan is planning to fail.

MACUL Pre-Conference 2017

Wednesday, March 15th, 8:30am

1 Washington Boulevard

Detroit, MI

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Wednesday, March 15th: SIG-Admin Pre-Conference

* Facilitator Mark Wilson leads administrators in The MACUL Mindshare 2

- Can't miss PD that will help with critical conversations, empowering others, continuous learning and the power of connections. To register for MACUL Mindshare 2 click here.

Wednesday Night Meet & Greet 6:30pm at Briggs Detroit

(Sessions worth attending)

Thursday, March 16th: 8:30am Sir Ken Robinson in Hall D

Thursday, March 16th: 10am Creating Schools That Are Future Ready with Tom Murray

Thursday, March 16th: 10am Kahoot & Quizlet with Leslie Fisher Ballroom A

Thursday, March 16th: 11am Administrators Forum sponsored by Discovery (lunch included)

Thursday, March 16th: 1pm Leading Google Style with Jennie Magiera & Kyle Pace

Thursday, March 16th: 1pm Hanging out like a #Slack(er) Administrator in 312A

Thursday, March 16th: 2pm Mad Caucus for School: Choice Time with Hall Davidson

Thursday, March 16th: 2:30pm Student Technology & Innovation Days in 142A

Thursday, March 16th: 2:30pm Google's Buried Treasure with Matt Miller in 330B

Thursday, March 16th: 4pm YouTube: Work Smarter. Create Harder with Kyle Pace

Thursday, March 16th: 4pm Turning Data into Information with Infographics in 357

Thursday, March 16th: 4pm Twitterpated: How to Take #Twitter to the next level with Connie Hamilton in 311A

Friday, March 17th: 8:30am How To Think Like a Futurist with Jane McGonigal Hall D

Friday, March 17th: 10am Viral Video Effect: Storytelling for the YouTube Generation with Steve Dembo in Ballroom B

Friday, March 17th: 10am Show Gmail Who's Boss with Kyle Pace in 360

Friday, March 17th: 10am Office 365 vs GAFE (Tech Directors) in 142A

Friday, March 17th: 11:30am Tools You Can Use Tomorrow with Leslie Fisher in Ballroom A

Friday, March 17th: 12pm Blended Learning for Science & Math with Dan Spencer in 356

Friday, March 17th: 1pm Ditch That Homework with Matt Miller in 330B

Friday, March 17th: 1pm Developing an Innovation Day in Your School 140E

Friday, March 17th: 2:30pm Courageous EDventures in Hall D

Ideas Are Scary - GE Commercial

Cultivating Ideas

Theresa Stager the SIG Admin Director shared this video in a recent keynote. I encourage you all to check it out and see how this approach can be translated to our students and staff.

Great share, Theresa!