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September 30, 2014

Learning is Everywhere!

These science terms were posted on the Upper School campus. Nice to see the learning moving out of the classrooms.

First Shot: The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

The Internet is Forever

Since the dawn of the world wide web, the folks over at the Internet Archive have been periodically saving copies of almost all websites - no joke.

Using their simple search tool you can call up older versions of websites to see what they looked like.

Here's what our own St. Andrew's website looked like in January 2006:

Big image

How about in 1997?

Big image
This is an amazing tool to use with students. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Compare and contrast

Bring up a website from two different dates and compare and contrast them. How is the content different? How about the look & feel? Why did it change? Who makes those decisions for a company, school or organization?

2. Internet Evolution

Looking at a group of sites over time gives you a meta illustrated history of the internet's evolution. Discuss!

3. Digital Footprint

One of the points we drive home to students is the fact that anything posted online, even if you delete it afterward, can be saved forever. The Internet Archive is a very tangible example of this concept!

Check out the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Second Shot: Fonts Matter

Friends don't let friends use Comic Sans

Comic Sans is one of those fonts that has it's time and place.

If you or a friend use/abuse Comic Sans, check out Comic Sans Criminal and take the Comic Sans pledge!

Big image

Hope you've enjoyed the Double Shot. More to come next week!