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September 20, 2014

A Note from Mrs. Thexton

We had a busy week of learning last week!

In reading, we sorted our classroom library into fiction and nonfiction and along way created fun and interesting categories for our books. We now have many of our books sorted by favorite characters, like Clifford, Arthur or Franklin, or into nonfiction categories. This helps children to select books that are interesting to them. We are continuing to learn how to select books that are just right. If you child brings home a book that is obviously too hard for them to read on their own, you may read and enjoy the book with your child. Please - do not ask them try to read a book that is too hard!

In writing, students continue to write narrative books about the time something happened to them. I am really enjoying listening to them share their stories. Children are learning how to plan a book across 3 to 5 pages, and the difference between a quick sketch and drawing. We also generated a writer's checklist to remind ourselves that good writers start with a capital letter, end with punctuation, leave spaces, use the word wall or other spelling strategies to spell unknown words and write neatly so others can read their writing.

In math, students learned how to use a number line and 100s chart to count up and count back. We learned that good mathematicians don't give up, work the whole time and explain their thinking. We practiced these values by playing Bunny Hop and One More/One Less. The children also practiced working with what comes before or after a number by playing a game on This is a free website that does not require a user name or password.

In Social Studies, we are continuing to learn the ASD values and role playing what it looks like to display those values. This week, our class created a class book showing what it would look like if everyone was Responsible, Respectful, Honest and Compassionate.

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