A Trip Through Siberia

By: Anna Mullenax

Away From Home

I decided to travel to Siberia.I traveled all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma to go on a train through Siberia. I was on the train for a week, November first to the fifth. On my travels I visited many places and tried different kinds of food. I traveled to Siberia by myself. I chose Siberia to visit the amazing places there.



I visited the steppes. It is a treeless, grass plain. It is a great place to settle down, grow crops, and graze cattle.
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The next landform I visited was the mountains. It was amazing because I was so high up and could see everything for miles.
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One of my favorite things were the different food. The train went through Siberia's capitol, Moscow. I saw Saint Basil's Cathedral.

From Day 1 to 5

Most of the trip I was in the train looking out of the window.The first 2 days I saw mostly mountains and steppes. I saw many rivers that traveled on for miles.

The third day I saw the Saint Basil Cathedral. I tried many different types of food. The dish above was my favorite.

Day four was the train. I saw more steppes and met people of different cultures that lived there.

Day five arrived and my adventure was almost over. I tried more delicious food, met different people, and saw great places.

I will never forget this adventure and I hope soon I can visit again!!


Thanks for Reading!!